George and amal clooney, the new parents of twins, have taken a small break from their life as parents. Everyone was left in awe as they first saw Amal and her post-baby body on a night out together with her mom and husband in Italy on Saturday. The sexy mom sported a Black And White jumpsuit. Everyone couldn't help but admire her of her sexy physique despite giving birth to twins recently.

An eyewitness has shared to E! News that the couple, together with Amal's mother, Baria, were all spotted arriving at Lake Como, Italy. At nine in the evening, they were seen heading to an Italian eatery, and the three of them have enjoyed their meals for about two hours.

Apart from the delicious foods, the restaurant has also offered them the best views of the lake.

Stunning outfit

While the three of them have stepped out in public, their followers couldn't help but noticed the stunning look of Amal on her recent outfit. Her strapless, black and white jumpsuit has perfectly suited her body. Further, her perfectly dark black hair has even made her beautiful together with her shoulder-length earrings.

As per a report from E! News, the couple was seen in all smiles and seemed to have appeared in a very good mood. Before they all left the restaurant, George and Amal have greeted everyone with a smile.

Meanwhile, George was also spotted holding his wife's hand while leaving the Italian eatery.

Quality family time

The recent dinner that the trio has shared was indeed a kind of family time for both Amal and her mother, Baria. It has been learned that Amal's mother immediately went home the next afternoon after they shared their dinner together.

Meanwhile, it was also reported that Amal and George are much in love with their twins. Whenever possible, the new parents wanted to just settle at home as they enjoy much of their time with their babies.

Further, it was also learned that George has become more protective of himself and his family. As much as possible, George will do everything he can for his family to live a normal life.

According to E! News, George wanted to spare his twins from public exposure as much as possible. The couple has not even shared an official photo of their twins on the social media. Meanwhile, the Clooneys might have prosecuted a certain magazine for releasing a photo of their twins without their permission.

Nevertheless, the couple is yet to give comments about the said news. As of now, George and Amal seemed to have enjoyed parenting a lot.