The stars of "Alaskan Bush People" aren't roughing it in the Alaskan bush anymore. Radar Online shared that it turns out that they are actually living in a million-dollar mansion instead while Ami Brown is dealing with cancer. This is a huge difference from the way that they have been living. The entire family is said to be living in this house together.

Details about the home they live in now

The family is living in a house that is not what they are used to at all in LA right now. This house is located near Malibu Beach and it has five bedrooms plus a jacuzzi outside.

On the show "Alaskan Bush People" everyone sees the family try to just live in the Alaskan bush and make things for themselves, but that is not the way that they are living at all now.

The house is said to be hard to get to and you have to go down a narrow road to get there. The neighbors shared that there is a lot going on at this house while they are filming the show. It turns out that they were living here, but moved out a couple of weeks ago and nobody knows where they are at now. Rumors are that they are living in a nearby hotel, but nobody knows for sure. It sounds like they may never go back to living the way that they used to in Alaska.

One weird thing is the reports are saying this is a mansion, but they are also saying that is 2,000 sq.

ft, which is not a huge house. This would be big to the Brown family, though. They have always lived in a very small home on the show. They aren't used to having a jacuzzi outside or anything nice like that in their home. The Brown family may really enjoy living in a totally different way than they are used to in Alaska.

How is Ami Brown doing now?

Ami Brown shared that Billy and the kids have been really supportive of her through this cancer battle. She has been getting the treatment done at the UCLA hospital. It has been revealed that she is suffering from stage four cancer. Ami is going through a hard time and was seen in a photo with a fan recently sitting in a wheelchair.

Are you surprised to hear that the Brown family is living in a million-dollar mansion now? Do you think they will ever go back to living the way that they were before? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Alaskan Bush People" on Discovery. If you want to see how Ami Brown is doing now, you will see the updates on the show. The family hasn't been doing a very good job of telling fans what is going on without watching it on the show.