The final episode of "The Bachelorette" season 13 may be one of the most controversial broadcasts in the history of the dating programs. Apparently, the Bachelor Nation was not pleased when rachel lindsay picked to marry Bryan Abasolo after Peter Kraus admitted that he was not ready to propose.

Did Rachel Lindsay pick the wrong man?

Her decision has caused the viewers to question if the female barrister sold out just to get the Neil Lane ring. Rachel Lindsay, however, argued that her love for him fueled her decision to choose Bryan Abasolo. She went on to talk about how Peter Kraus treated her during their "The Bachelorette" journey.

She confessed to ET Online that she felt manipulated by Peter Kraus who was even unsure of his feelings for her. The female lawyer said there was a lack of commitment and hesitation in her relationship with him which served as her wake-up call.

Rachel Lindsay also addressed her ex-suitors "die hard" fans and told them that they have no idea what happened between her and Peter Kraus in the course of the show. She thought that their relationship has a lot of "push and pull" even until the final moments of the program.

The former "Bachelor" contestant thought Peter Kraus was giving her just enough instead of proving her that he was fully committed to their relationship. In fact, Rachel Lindsay already knew what she wanted and who she would like to pick on the night of the breakup.

Inside 'The Bachelorette' finale controversy

The 32-year-old attorney also recalled how Peter Kraus warned her that she would have a "mediocre life" if she will not choose him. "I have an amazing life. These last few months have been amazing," she continued, referring to her life with fiance.

Bryan Abasolo, on the other hand, confessed how hard it was to watch Rachel Lindsay getting hurt just to prove her feelings.

He explained that Rachel Lindsay had to choose between someone who was "totally committed" and someone "which goes back and forth" when he and Peter Kraus were left in the competition.

Meanwhile, the Dallas-based barrister revealed that she had confronted Peter Kraus after he claimed that he felt "attacked" on the show. "He couldn't sexplain that either, so I don't know if he just threw that word out there," she mused.

The first African-American host then gushed about her fiance and defended him from Peter Kraus' fans. She also thought it would be great to feature Alex Bordyukov in the new "Bachelor" season instead of Peter Kraus.