Avid followers of the “Alaskan Bush PeopleSeason 7 would not be seeing the show in the next two weeks after the series took a short break. However, spoilers suggested TV viewers to brace themselves as the upcoming episodes of the popular Discovery Channel series are going to be darker than ever.

Will the upcoming new episodes feature more about Ami Brown’s health condition?

TV Overmind reported that Ami Brown is going to be the focus of the imminent episodes of the seventh season. According to the news outlet, this could be the network’s way of granting the constant requests of fans to know more about the medical condition of the Brown family’s matriarch.

Thousands of viewers reportedly complained about the show for featuring repeated clips from the previous installments. However, the people behind the series explained that they have to do it since they need to film more recent scenes so fans could keep up with Ami’s failing health.

The publication added that TV viewers would also be witnessing more emotional moments as it will also tackle how Ami’s cancer has affected the Brown family in general. Aside from that, the new set of episodes of “Alaskan Bush People” Season 7 is set to feature how the Brown siblings have been adjusting to their lives since they started living apart from one another.

Additionally, the real status between Noah Brown and his girlfriend is also expected to be discussed in the show.

To recall, Noah was the only one who took care of the Browntown during the show’s first season.

While some fans think that Ami's health condition is going to worsen in the forthcoming episodes, spoilers suggest that everything is going to be better especially after the family decided to leave their homestead to focus more on their matriarch's medications.

Hence, fans should take these theories lightly.

Brown matriarch looking good despite having advanced lung cancer

Meanwhile, The Inquisitr reported that a recent photo of Ami and Billy Brown together was shared on the latter’s Facebook fan page. Taken last Thursday, July 27, 2017, the said photograph featured the couple looking happy around each other.

Most fans can recall how the entire clan got devastated after learning that Ami has a stage 3B lung cancer. Following the diagnosis, the Brown family had shared the treatment plan for their matriarch in the latest “Alaskan Bush People” Season 7 episode, a previous Blasting News report shared.

Shelia McCormack has divulged that Ami Brown is going to undergo a four-hour chemotherapy once a week. Aside from that, she will also have to see the doctor for five days a week in the next six weeks for his radiation treatment.

The “Alaskan Bush People” Season 7 is scheduled to return to a small screen on August 9, 2017, via the Discovery Channel. Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates.