Somebody just got burned! Chrissy Teigen is slaying on social media despite receiving mixed responses from her followers for attacking Donald Trump in her tweets. A few days ago, the model revealed that she was blocked by the U.S. president after she replied to one of his Twitter tirades.

Trump blocks celebrity critic on social media

Her reply earned mixed reactions from both critics and supporters of the leader. There were those who lauded Chrissy Teigen for her brave and funny comeback, while others criticized the model for attacking the POTUS.

Her tweet may have caught the attention of Donald Trump, who immediately blocked the "FABLife" host

A commenter replied and accused the model of "peaking" on the president's social media account. Chrissy Teigen, on the other hand, delivered a flawless comeback to her critic, who immediately turned his Twitter profile private. "I have a best selling book, great boobs, a family I love, am literally eating pasta on a lake in Italy and I married rich," she fired back.

Teigen defends media against Trump

This is not the first time that Chrissy Teigen slammed Donald Trump for his tirade on social media. At some point, the model even asked the 71-year-old leader to "grow the f--k up" after he accused the media of dishonest reporting.

The "Lip Sync Battle" host also wrote a witty and funny response to the president when he suggested to keep the evil out of his nation. "What time should we call your Uber?” Chrissy Teigen asked the POTUS.

Her husband, John Legend, refused to comment after the POTUS blocked his wife on social media. He, however, had some words to say to Donald Trump after his speech at the annual Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia.

Speaking in front of some 40,000 attendees, the U.S. leader was almost unstoppable when he attacked his own people regarding the issue of Obamacare repeal.

The "All Of Me" artist called the president a "national embarrassment" and the "opposite of a role model" for the younger generation. John Legend added that he is saddened by Donald Trump's behavior in front of young boys present at the gathering.

Apparently, Chrissy Teigen is not the only person blocked from accessing Donald Trump's Twitter profile. In fact, Danny Zuker and Molly Jong-Fast welcomed her to the club and thought they should help her on how to deal with the situation based on their experience.

When she was asked about being a critic of the U.S. president, the 31-year-old personality did not hesitate to admit that she has been a "big" hater of Donald Trump even before he won the elections. “I’ve been doing this forever and I take pride in that," she said as cited by US Magazine.