Tonight on "Alaskan Bush People," Matt returns to California to his family after his accident in Browntown. Ami also begins with her cancer treatment. The episode will also feature what happened to their ship, Integrity.

Has Integrity been sold?

The "Alaskan Bush People" announced on its official Facebook page that they will feature the fate of the family's ship, Integrity. In late March, there were reports that the Integrity was for sale, which fueled rumors that the show would be filming in other locations. According to a Facebook page ABP Exposed, the ship was sold in July and was reportedly spotted in a shipyard in Wrangell, Alaska.

This is yet to be confirmed on the show.

Matt returns to California

After Ami was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, the family decided they have to leave Browntown. Matt returned to Alaska to bring the news to Noah, who left to take care of their homestead. While in the bush, Matt got into an accident, when a bear deterrent he was tinkering with exploded. He ended up with stitches on his head. ABP Season 7 Episode 6 will feature Matt as he returns to California to recover from the accident.

Ami begins cancer treatment

Previously on ABP, it was revealed how the doctors plan to treat Ami Brown's stage 3B lung cancer. Because the tumors have already spread to other tissues near her lungs, surgery is not yet an option.

First, Ami has to undergo radiation treatment which will last for six weeks. Then, she will receive chemotherapy for four hours once a week. The combined treatment hopes to shrink the size of the cancer tumors before considering surgery. The family has relocated to Southern California while Ami is being treated at the UCLA Medical Center.

The show teases that tonight's episode will show how Ami braces for the treatment while her kids try to boost their spirits. The show also said they are trying to keep fans up to date and as close to real time as possible now.

Will this be the last season?

TV Overmind previously reported that the show is about to get darker as Ami's health condition takes front and center.

With that, many are expecting this would be the last season of "Alaskan Bush People." Because there is only 10 percent chance for patients to survive a stage 3B lung cancer, fans hope the show will not let them watch Ami die, suggesting that it is better to end the reality series.

"Alaskan Bush People" airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on Discovery.