Kick Ass star Chloe Grace Moretz is one of the young actors who like Rowan Blanchard works to empower girls and women in the industry. She is an outspoken defender of women who are being put down and fat Shamed.

The 'Carrie' star was fat shamed by co-actor on set

This advocacy started when she was 15 years old and a co-star body shamed her because of her weight. She remembered her boy co-star who told her to her face that he will never date her in real life because she was too big for him. The incident made her cry while on set as reported by The Guardian.

She revealed that working with the guy who was in his 20s and pretending to be his love interest was tough for her after what happened. Moretz described the experience as “really, really dark” and led her to a realization that there are really bad people out there for some reasons.

Chloe Grace Moretz did a positive response towards the guy by forgiving him but she did not forget how she was insulted until now. She also shared how difficult it is to be a woman in Hollywood. The young actress has to fight her way into auditions but does not force herself into getting the role.

Another incident that she recalled was the time she was victimized by fake claims against her. Her co-star also invented lies just to “put her in her place.” Her fellow actor made up things about her to their director because he has inferiority.

Being an activist for women’s rights, Moretz speaks her mind. In fact, she criticized a poster for her film titled “Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs” because it was body shaming. The poster advertising was discontinued and the producer apologized. The “Kick Ass” star is a feminist and rejects roles that are overtly sexualized. She is also a promoter of the LGBTQ equality.

Brooklyn Beckham’s ex-girlfriend is a good actress who started acting when she was 7 and on the following year, she was already nominated for an acting award. Her first starring role was in “Heart of the Beholder.” She was nominated for her role in “Amityville Horror.” Some of her recognized films were “Hugo,” “Kick Ass,” “Dark Shadows,” “If I Stay,”, “Carrie,” among others.

Moretz learned to value her worth as a woman at a young age

Chloe Grace Moretz is one of the young celebrities who are politically-educated. Variety reported that after Donald Trump won many fellow celebrities wanted to leave the country. But the actress said that being an American, it was not right. She said that they must speak out and use their voices. They have to fight and protect the country, protect their rights, and help those who are weak and cannot speak.