This week on "Alaskan Bush People," the Brown siblings are about to make a critical decision as they are closing down Browntown. Ami, meanwhile, is bracing for the intense treatment plan for her stage 3B lung cancer.

ABP Season 7 Episode 6 'Bush Code'

"Alaskan Bush People" Season 7 Episode 6 synopsis said that as mom Ami is preparing for the radiation treatment and chemotherapy, the family tries to boost their spirits. Ami's diagnosis came as a devastating news to the Browns, but they are holding on to their faith and to each other as a family. As reported by The Inquisitr, the Brown kids have been active on social media as of late, sharing their adventures away from the wilderness.

Gabe and Rainy are the most active on Twitter and Instagram among them. They shared some photos of their road trips and other activities such as bowling and family celebrations. However, they have not shared any recent photos of their mom Ami, aside from the one Bam Bam shared featuring the whole family, including Bam Bam's girlfriend Allison Kagan and Noah's fiance Rhain Alisha.

Where is the family living now?

In the previous episode, it was revealed that Ami will undergo 12 weeks of combined radiation and chemotherapy for her advanced lung cancer. With that, the family came to a decision that they have to leave Browntown while Ami receives treatment, People reported.

There were rumors that the family is looking for a new place to settle in, which could be in Colorado where the Browns were previously spotted amid speculations that Noah and Rhain are getting married there.

As of now, the "Alaskan Bush People" family remains in Los Angeles. Ami and Billy were recently spotted in California and were photographed with two fans.

Ami may look frail sitting in a wheelchair, but some fans commented that she looks great despite her illness.

Meanwhile, Radar Online also reported that the Browns have moved into a mansion with nine bedrooms and a jacuzzi. However, fans were quick to note that the 2,000 square feet rustic house they are living in right now is not a mansion.

It is more like the type of house they have always lived in the bush. It is reportedly just enough for the Brown Family and some members of the production crew.

"Alaskan Bush People" Season 7 returns with the new episode on August 9 after a two-week hiatus. Spoilers tease that Ami's health condition would be the center of the upcoming episodes. Tune in at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.