When Billy revealed in an episode of the "Alaskan Bush People" that Ami has stage 3B lung cancer, he said that according to her doctors, it could easily go to stage 4. Now, it seems to have happened already. Reports say Ami's cancer has progressed.

Stage 4 lung cancer?

ABP Exposed Facebook page shared the information when a commenter asked what type of cancer Ami is suffering from and what stage. The admin responded that it is now at stage 4 in both lungs and it is no longer operable, per The Hollywood Gossip.

This is yet to be confirmed on "Alaskan Bush People," which promised to keep the episodes as close as possible to real time.

The latest episode featured the beginning of Ami's cancer treatment for stage 3B lung cancer, which is a combination of direct radiation treatment with chemotherapy following that. The said combined treatment aims to reduce the size of the tumors, which have spread to nearby areas from the lungs, so that a surgery can be considered. At stage 4, the focus of the treatment is shifted to easing the symptoms and improving the patient's quality of life. The patient can also continue to receive chemotherapy, as well as immunotherapies.

Should Ami return to the Bush?

Billy and Ami Brown decided to leave the Alaskan wilderness after they found out that Ami has an advanced lung cancer. Fans have questioned their decision to leave Browntown, arguing that their grown children can go back there from time to time since they say it has always been their home.

But being known as a close-knit pack, the family's decision is to stick together.

The Browns stayed in Los Angeles, California, while Ami received treatment at UCLA Medical Center. Ami has finished the first round of radiation and chemotherapy and is traveling with her husband and children to Colorado after stopping by in Las Vegas.

According to ABP Exposed, they are going to start filming for "Alaskan Bush People" Season 8 soon. This is reportedly Ami's decision to continue filming and move on with their life as normal despite her condition.

However, not everyone in the family seems to be eager to appear on the show. There are speculations that Gabe might be leaving the show.

He is with the family in Colorado but would not be filming. ABP Exposed said that he is having a difficulty coping with their mother's cancer. Noah, on one hand, is busy with his fiance and is also not expected to join the production for "Alaskan Bush People" Season 8.

After filming, they will return to California. Ami will continue with chemotherapy if they see that the treatment is working. At this point, Discovery and the Brown family are yet to make any official announcement about the show's return.