Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” fans have some fresh updates about the third installment of the Marvel superhero team movie as director James Gunn has revealed a good number of details about the upcoming movie, during a live Facebook Q/A session. He also disclosed that the soundtrack of the Vol. 3 will be influenced by Yondu.

'Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 3' to bring forth new characters

The third installment of “Guardians of the Galaxy” may hit the theaters sooner than fans think and the film would take place after the two Avengers movies. Director James Gunn revealed that the movie will be the last in the Guardians series and will feature some new characters.

He also said that Nova, the Marvel comics character, might make an appearance in Vol. 3 but declined to confirm if his old pal Nathan Fillion will have any kind of role in the film. Gunn also revealed that Kraglin is not an official member of the team but more like a chauffeur. Nevertheless, he will be seen in Vol. 3.

Yondu to communicate to Peter through new Zune

James Gunn was also forthcoming about the soundtrack of “Guardians 3” and revealed that Yondu will communicate with his son through the Zune that he gifted him as a replacement for his old walkman. A fan had expressed curiosity about the replacement and if it meant the soundtrack of the film would bear an influence from Yondu. Gunn confirmed the theory saying that the fan was correct and Vol.

3 will have song choices from Yondu.

As fans remember, the earlier installments of “Guardians of the Galaxy” had seen Peter Quill carrying a backpack full of mixtapes and a walkman from his mother Meredith. The songs on the tapes served as the soundtrack for the two movies but now that the third film has songs from Yondu, it will naturally have a different soundtrack.

Moreover, Gunn also confirmed that the music will double up as an emotional anchor for Peter who is alive because of his father’s sacrifice.

Gunn reveals David Bowie cameo plans

During the Facebook session, Gunn spoke up about his past desire to rope in the late musician Davie Bowie in Vol. 3. He said that he had initiated talks with Bowie’s people.

He further disclosed that it would have taken the form of one of the Ravagers and Ving Rhames, Michelle Yeoh, Sylvester Stallone, and Michael Rosenbaum would have also been with him.

It is worth mentioning here that James Gunn had paid a written tribute to david bowie after his demise and expressed his desire to work with him.