Billy Brown of "Alaskan Bush People" talked about how the family is coping since his wife, Ami, has been diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer. In his first interview since they find out about Ami's illness, Billy opened up how he's taking care of Ami and how their seven grown children are handling their situation.

Watching Ami in pain

It is not easy to watch someone you love to experience so much pain, and that's also true for Billy, who has been by his wife's side as she battles cancer over the past few months. Billy told People that Ami is the strongest person he knows and she often hides the pain.

So when she says it hurts, then it really hurts. Given how Ami has remained strong in this crisis, Billy said his respect for his wife has become much bigger than ever.

Billy, 64, tries to do what he can. He would just sit with Ami Brown and talk. He said he doesn't sleep because he doesn't want to lose that time with her. Billy stays up and watches Ami while she sleeps until he would eventually fall asleep. Bear would take over watching over Ami until his father wakes up. "I can’t live without her. I can’t lose her," he told the magazine and added that he prays every day that they would soon receive good news.

How the kids are coping

The Brown children are handling things differently on their own.

Some of them do not want to admit that their mom's condition is so bad, but they try to do the best that they can, Billy shared. Ami said that because they've been with their parents their entire time, they need to strengthen their wings a bit more now that they've already grown up. She believes that they will become and remain stronger as they go through this tough time.

Rain and Bird give update on Ami's condition

The Brown daughters filmed a short video posted on the official "Alaskan Bush People" to give an update about their mom and to say thank you for all the support. Bird said that it is heartwarming to know that many people care about them. They've seen all the letters fans have sent through Discovery and thanked everyone for all the prayers and well wishes for their mom.

Rain added that their mom is doing okay and that she's hanging in there. They try to fight this crisis together as a family and keep all the positive things.

Ami Brown, 54, has been diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer. It is in both lungs, and Billy said it has not yet spread to other organs but that the doctors said it could happen next. She is still receiving intense radiation and chemotherapy in California.