On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Sally Spectra and her crew were excited about the upcoming fashion show. Because Jared and Liam gave them a thumbs up, it increased anticipation for a successful event. Unknown to the "Spectra Fashions" employees, Dollar Bill and Justin are determined to turn their dream into a nightmare.

Bill Spencer has a vision and intends to carry it out

Dollar Bill Spencer has been determined to raze the Spectra building, and erect a sky scraper. His plans have been hindered several times however because of Sally.

When Liam and Jarrett told him that "Spectra Fashions" had a shot at success, Bill became very angry. After Liam mentioned an electrical fire had taken place in the Spectra building, Justin and Bill give each other knowing looks. And later come up with a plan to get rid of Sally and her building for good.

On Friday the "Spectra Fashions" team worked late into the evening and were going to pull an all nighter. They left for dinner with intentions of returning to get everything in order for the big day. Saul, Darlita, and Shirley were so proud that Sally pulled off a wonderful collection without the help of Thomas. They were so excited as they walked out of the door, and had absolutely no way of knowing that Bill Spencer intends to carry out his vision and build his skyscraper.

And all their hard work is about to go up in flames.

Bill and Justin are a match made in hell

When Dollar Bill and Justin put their heads together, trouble always follows. These co-conspirators are a match made in hell. Bill tells Justin he knows what needs to be done and should just "Do it" and later Bill gets a text from an unknown number saying "Done." There is an evil look of satisfaction on Mr.

Spencer's face as the camera simultaneously shows the Spectra building going up in flames.

Bill Spencer and Justin Barber have set in motion a chain of events, that will have harsh repercussions. They have destroyed the "Spectra Fashions" building, knowing that there is no insurance to rebuild. All of Sally's beautiful fashions have been destroyed and she has nothing left.

C.J. is out of a building along with the rent he was getting from his cousin, as well as the millions Bill was going to pay him to purchase the property.

Liam knows the wiring was faulty but it should not take him long to figure out that his father was responsible for the demise of Spectra. When he does will he blow the whistle on dear dad, or will he keep quiet? Will Justin and Bill finally pay for a crime they committed, or will they get away once again?. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" week day afternoons on CBS to find out how all of this plays out.