Hey, "Young And The Restless" fans. We're about to see Victor have to come up with a very difficult decision at some point. Cane has to reveal some awful news to his kids. Nikki's concert will draw an audience. The Newman's end up facing some very hard times and more in these upcoming July 10 to July 14, 2017, episodes. As always, these spoiler teasers are from CBS via Soaps.com.

Cane's kids

They revealed three scoops for the Monday, July 10 episode. The first one reveals that Cane will break the news to his kids that he was fired. How will they react?

That's the big questions for this storyline. It sounds like it could deliver a pretty dramatic moment.

Victoria offering an apology

Next, Victoria will share a scene with Lily. They say Victoria is going to try to offer up an apology to her. However, she will also say that Cane gave her no choice in the matter. Will Lily believe her? It'll definitely be interesting to see how she reacts.

Elsewhere, we're going to be shown a scene that involves Nick and Victor. At some point, Nick will tell him to cancel the big concert. Will Victor do what he asks? They didn't give out any additional info for this plotline. So, we'll just have to tune in to see what Victor ends up doing. Hopefully, this paticular episode will reveal what he does.

Cane's paternity test

Currently, Soaps.com doesn't have the details of what will happen in Tuesday's episode. However, they did reveal an extra teaser that will happen this week. It could happen in the Tuesday episode. It says that the results from Cane's paternity test will finally arrive. What will the results be? That's the obvious huge question for that situation.

It certainly sounds very intriguing.

They revealed one teaser scoop for the Wednesday July 12 episode. This one will feature the situation where Victor is faced with a very tough choice that he has to make. What is this tough decision that he's face with? Will he be able to make it? Those will certainly be the questions that we'll be looking to see get answered in this episode.

Hopefully, they won't stretch it out into additional installments.

Nikki's concert

For the Thursday July 13 episode, they revealed two scenarios that we will see. One them will feature Genoa City residents gathering to see Nikki's concert. So, that event sounds like it could deliver some pretty lively scenes. In the second scenario, we''ll be shown some situations that are going on with Jack, Ashley, Dina and Graham. At some point, Ashley and Jack will be successful in getting Dina away from Graham and functioning on her own. That sounds like a pretty good outcome if it remains that way.

Keep up appearances

To close out the week, Friday's July 14 episode will deliver a scene that features the Newmans. They say that this family will be struggling to keep up appearances. So, it certainly sounds like they'll be experiencing a rough patch. Stay tuned.