"Geostorm" is a disaster movie directed by Dean Devlin. This is Devlin's first directorial debut but he has previous experience in the genre. The director worked alongside Roland Emmerich for the movie "Independence Day" in 1996. The movie focuses on a global satellite system designer, Jacob "Jake" Lawson, as he approaches Congress with what he believes is a solution to climate change. Lawson states that they can control the weather. Casting includes Gerard Butler, Andy Garcia, and Abbie Cornish.

Gerard Butler to play global satellite system designer

Gerard Butler is best known for his roles in movies such as "Olympus Has Fallen" and "300." "Geostorm" sees the actor taking on a different role than fans are used to seeing.

Butler plays character Jake Lawson, who is a global satellite system designer and comes up with a plan to control the weather. He approaches Congress with his ideas and they run with it. However, when a satellite malfunctions and freezes the desert climate of Afghanistan, the Congress decides to send Lawson into space so he can fix the problem.

Here's the twist: Lawson appears to be behind this mishap, that many thought to be an accident. The freezing and subsequent death of thousands of people in Afghanistan were a design in the satellite system. For whatever reason, Jake Lawson wanted this to happen. When he is found out, he kidnaps the President of the United States, played by actor Andy Garcia.

'Geostorm' delayed by years

The disaster movie, which tackles the problem of climate change, was originally shot in 2014.

It has been three years since the first shooting and completion of the movie took place. When first screened, "Geostorm" received bad feedback from the audience. This prompted the studio to order a re-shooting of some parts of the movie.

According to Gamespot, director Dean Devlin was not involved in the re-shooting of "Geostorm." Instead, the re-shoots were overseen by Danny Cannon who has worked on such projects as "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "Gotham." Warner Brothers not only delayed "Geostorm" once but twice.

One has to question if the movie has some fundamental problems that the studio has tried to control.

"Geostorm" is due to arrive in theaters later this year, on October 20. It will certainly be interesting to see a movie about climate change, even though Butler's fans remain skeptical due to its delay. The official trailer of "Geostorm" has now been released, for those who want a sneak peek of the movie.

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