Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" have dropped a big one on the fans this time. They indicate that Michael Muhney the man who was the original Adam Newman will soon reprise that role. A video by CBS seems to imply the same thing. There has however been no official confirmation.

The Adam Newman situation is complicated

Chloe is on the run because she blew up a cabin with Adam inside. Justin Hartley had taken over the role and was supposed to have gone through plastic surgery. If Adam returns in the form of Michael Muhney are fans to believe he had another surgery to reconstruct his face to its original look?

How did Adam escape and where did he get the funds to live on for all these months? And who paid for his plastic surgery?

There is only one man who had the means to pull off keeping Adam alive somewhere. That would be his father Victor Newman. If Victor were in on this, why would he push Nicholas to date his brother's wife? Should Adam indeed rise from the grave, the entire landscape of genoa city will be complicated and once again lives will be turned upside down. If Adam is alive, then Chloe is not a murderer. Her name could be cleared and she can ride off into the sunset with Kevin and Bella. The situation will be more complicated however for Nick and Chelsea.

Michael Muhney's past with "The Young and the Restless" is obviously forgiven

Michael Muhney was fired from "The Young and the Restless" because his then co-star Hunter King (Summer Newman) said he groped her breasts.

Obviously, if he is returning then all is well with Muhney and the powers that be at Y&R. Adam Newman was a fan favorite and his departure was deeply felt. If Spoiler alerts are correct, Muhney's fans will be delighted to see him reunite with his onscreen family. Is it even possible for total reconciliation with Victor Newman and his namesake? Or will the Newman patriarch continue with the games he plays with his family?

There is also the secret that Victor and Chelsea share. They are hiding the fact Adam is the biological father of Sage's son Christian and not his half-brother Nick. When all of this comes to light a wedge will form between Nicholas and his dad. And it goes without saying that Chelsea will reunite with Adam who is her true love It goes without saying that Chelsea will reunite with Adam who is her true love and the father of her son Conner.

An actual return date has been set so viewers will have to stay tuned for more updates.

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