Warner Bros. has officially confirmed that "Wonder Woman 2" is happening soon. The official announcement has been made public during the San Diego Comic Con last weekend. Meanwhile, Gal Gadot, the "Wonder Woman" star, has been on hand as the big announcement has been made official. To recall, Gadot was also part of the upcoming film, "Justice League," and she was present at the panel when the news was confirmed.

A report from Harpers Bazaar also shared that Warner Bros. has kept the details of the upcoming sequel limited and has not revealed yet as to who will direct the upcoming movie.

Hence, the movie fans will have to wait a little more time before the production will reveal more details of the second sequel to this top-grossing film.

Highly anticipated news

As of the meantime, Warner Bros. hasn't revealed yet whether or not Patty Jekins will return as the director of the movie. However, it has been believed that the movie fans have been crossing fingers for this female director to get back on the next film. Meanwhile, most of the fans were no longer surprised about the big announcement. They already believed that "Wonder Woman 2" will finally come close to works.

The big reveal which took place on Saturday has left million of its fans in awe. As per record, "Wonder Woman" has already become the most profitable movie of the DC Comic Cinematic Universe.

Hence, everyone just simply couldn't wait for the return of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince in the next sequel.

High-grossing live-action film

Most of the fans would always want to have Jekins back on the movie.

She was able to nail it being a female director and made "Wonder Woman" the highest-grossing live-action remake that was ever recorded in the DC Comic history. Meanwhile, fans continued to look forward to her return in the sequel since Jekins was also believed to have talked about the movie details for quite some time.

In one of her latest interviews recently, Jekins was caught saying that the next sequel will take its viewers to a whole new story in the United States.

Since then, fans couldn't help but start speculating that "Wonder Woman" will soon land in America. Jekins has also believed that the upcoming sequel will be a great movie and it will always have a beautiful story to tell.

Amid the news, Warner Bros. is yet to give comments as to who will be the next director of the upcoming movie. Nevertheless, what has left everyone excited is the fact that "Wonder Woman 2" has finally been confirmed.