Selena Gomez, the "Bad Liar" singer, has celebrated her 25th Birthday bash at her home in Los Angeles over the weekend with friends. As per a report from People, the singer opted to celebrate another milestone of her life in an intimate and low-key birthday bash. Reportedly, her home was filled with balloons and she celebrated her day with some cakes and few of her trusted pals.

As she thanked all her friends, Gomez took to Instagram and pulled off an emotional message to all of them. She posted a photo of her in sweaters as she thanked everyone who has been with her during the celebration.

Amid her busy schedule, Gomez has considered herself a lot blessed for the love of these people around her.

An epic 25th birthday

As Gomez continued her message on Instagram, the singer has shared that she loved all of her friends and all of them mean a lot to her. Apparently, she has considered her low-key 25th birthday as an epic celebration she ever had on her life. Further, the singer also posted another photo on the social media. The photo featured her friends holding a phone in their hands as they readily took some snaps of the singer as she blew candles over her cake.

On the caption, the singer simple wrote, "My people." Without a doubt, Gomez has felt lots of love from her friends despite the fact that she only opted for a simple celebration.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend was reported to be on a current tour in Paris which made him missed the celebration of the 25-year old singer.

Sweet messages on social media

Despite her choice of having a simple celebration for her birthday, Gomez's fans have flooded her social media page with lots of love and birthday wishes. Thousands of her fans took to Twitter and Instagram in order to wish the singer the best birthday ever.

Meanwhile, Gomez has also posted to Twitter and thanked everyone for their birthday greetings. Meanwhile, as she wrote her message on Twitter, she also left a link of the "Alliance for Lupus Research" and asked everyone to share some donation whenever they love to.

On the other hand, Taylor Swift, Gomez' closest pal, has always kept herself silent on the social media.

Nevertheless, the brunette singer was believed to have sent Gomez an early birthday message this month. Without a doubt, this year has been a great one for Gomez. She just got her recent coach modeling debut and landed as an executive producer for Netflix's "13 Reasons Why."