Stranger Things” season 2 spoilers reveal new characters will add thrills to the series. Here is the list of new and returning characters and some descriptions on how they will make the next installment more intense. Interestingly, Nancy Wheeler (played by Natalia Dyer) is shown together with Jonathan too.

Who are the new characters?

BOB NEWBY. This character is being played by “The Groonies” alum Sean Astin. He is described as a manager of Hawkins RadioShack. He is a nice geek from high school and is a schoolmate of Hopper (played by David Harbour) and Joyce (Winona Ryder).

Interestingly, Bob and Joyce are not just former schoolmates. In the series panel at the Fan2Sea Comic-Con cruise on Jan. 21, the Hollywood Life reported that David Harbour said something that made the rest of the cast members in the panel to laugh. According to Harbour, Sean Astin is the new boyfriend of Winona. It was not clarified what Harbour was specifically referring to, but it is clear that he is teasing something about season 2.

DR. OWENS:. Played by Paul Reiser, this character will play a significant role in the next installment.

He is described as a high-ranking teammate from the Department of Energy who is on a special mission. Their task is to clean up some undisclosed events from last year.

ROMAN: Linnea Berthelsen will join the cast as Roman, described as the devastated woman harboring the deep loss of her child. The Hollywood Reporter has noted that her character will add mystery to the series as she is also described as someone who has inclinations to the phenomenal events happening at the lab.

MAX & BILLY: These are the new classmates of Will and they are step-siblings. Max is played by Sadie Sink while Dacre Montgomery will play the role of Billy. The latter is described to be extremely domineering. The clip shows that the boys are fascinated with this new girl in the class.

Nancy is with whom in the new season?

The official trailer revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con gave out some intriguing storylines for Nancy.

The new season is yet to confirm who will have more screen time with Nancy.

Steve? The clip reveals a Halloween party scene where Nancy and Steve Harrington (played by Joe Keery) are having their grand time. Fans can recall that the former chose the latter over Jonathan in the first season. Will the next installment explore their love story?

Jonathan? There is an unexpected scene from the season 2 trailer. Nancy and Jonathan Byers (played by Charlie Heaton) were shown together in one scene, despite the former rejecting the latter in the previous season. Fans of the love team will be happy to see them together again. However, the clip also shows the two do not seem to be happy in their current situation. The scene actually teases the two were gazing at an unknown, creepy path.

Stranger Thingsseason 2 is set to premiere on Oct. 27 on Netflix.