"The Walking Dead" Season 8 spoiler news is finally beginning to trickle in at a steady pace. If you are a die-hard fan that just can't wait until this October when the hit AMC series debuts the long-awaited season 8, then this is the place to be. For those of you who hate spoilers then be warned there are potential "Walking Dead" season 8 spoilers listed below.

'Walking Dead' writers claim they are kicking things up this season.

If you are still here then be forewarned, there is good news and bad news. First, we will start with the good news. During season 7 of the "The Walking Dead," many fans have had one huge complaint about the series.

They haven't agreed with how the show's creators chose to advance the story. It has been reported that fans have spoken, and writers have listened, meaning things will move faster from here on out.

The biggest complaint was with how much time was spent jumping between camps, according to Celeblivetv.com. Some fans believe that the same results could have been accomplished with less useless information and in a far more entertaining fashion. In other words, many fans felt cheated by season 7, suggesting that around ten out the sixteen episodes were a big snoozefest and waste of time.

War, drama, action and a little sweet revenge to come.

Fans were left shocked and heartbroken right off the bat (no pun intended) as we watched in horror as Negan brutally ended the lives of two of our beloved group members, Abe Ford and Glenn Rhee.

After the initial shock, the basic concept of "TWD" Season 7 can be summed up like this: Alexandrians are ticked at off being forced to bow down and kiss the butts of the Saviors.

They finally become fed up enough to begin a plan of action to overtake Negan and the Saviors but are betrayed by some outsiders along the way. Regardless, Rick and the group along with the others who are down with Rick's plan prepare for all out war against Negan.

At last, during the season finale fans got what they were waiting for: drama and excitement for what is to come in season 8. Viewers have been allegedly promised by Scott Gimple that season 8 of "The Walking Dead" will be mind shattering, faster paced, action packed, and that the storylines will keep us all glued to the edge of our seats.

Look for the first "The Walking Dead" season 8 teaser trailers to be released between July 20 and 23rd during the San Diego Comic-Con. Hopefully, the show's creators will keep good to their promises of a mind-blowing experience. While they are at it, maybe they could do away with the cheesy set blunders and bad CGI mistakes of season 7 that fans also disliked?

We hope fans are happy with what is to come, but as stated, the good news also comes with some potentially bad news.

Here goes... It is currently rumored that "TWD," which usually returns around mid-October, may be getting a much later season 8 start, according to MoviePilot reports. MP claims that there is new evidence to suggest that possibility because "Fear the Walking Dead" is scheduled to return for their season 3B episodes on September 10.

"FTWD" usually airs right up to the return of "TWD," and, with eight episodes left to air it stands to reason to believe that "TWD" won't return to TV until October 29. This is sad news for fans who already have issues with patiently waiting every year for mid-October to finally roll around.

The only bright light in this news is that hopefully if fans are forced to wait an extra couple of weeks for the season 8 return, the wait will really be worth the while. What are your thoughts on the latest "The Walking Dead" season 8 spoiler news?