The previous season ended with The Great Heathen Army going strong. In "Vikings" Season 5, Ivar The Boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen) takes his place to be the leader of the Army. Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), on the other hand, continues to be the ruler of Kattegat. There have been devastating deaths that were witnessed from the previous season aside from Ragnar's. There are also new characters to be expected in the upcoming season of the series.

Official release date

An official release date and trailer has recently been announced for "Vikings" Season 5.

It has been a while and fans had been wanting to know what may happen to Ivar and the rest of Ragnar's sons in the upcoming season. There will be more challenges to come as the story unfolds for the series.

Lagertha is still the leader of Kattegat after she won over Queen Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland). Lagertha also will face challenges on the show being the Queen. "Vikings" Season 5 is set to air on Nov. 29 on the History Channel. The official trailer for the upcoming season has also been revealed.

The Great Heathen Army

It can be recalled that Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) died and that his sons will avenge his death. That was then that The Great Heathen Army had been formed. Ragnar's sons have led the Army, and they have been united to take on their power in order to fight and give justice to their father's death.

It can be recalled that the finale episode of the fourth season ended tragically. Ivar threw an axe towards Sigurd (David Lindstrom) which ended with the death of the latter.

Ragnar's sons had been united right after his death, and even though they were together in avenging their father's death, each of them has different principles and ideas which at times ended in conflict.

There will be a competition of power and the brothers will be facing more enemies as they continue to conquer different lands in the fifth season of "Vikings."

In "Vikings" Season 5, The Great Heathen Army will get stronger, and Ivar will assert his efforts to lead the said Army. It has been hinted that the first episode of the upcoming season will open with Ivar crying over Sigurd's death.

He seems to be emotional and sorry for killing his brother. The death of Sigurd has made the brother separate into different camps. Season 5 will be all about who will rule knowing that the Army has already conquered a large part of England. Fans can expect more lands to be conquered by the Great Heathen Army.