"Vikings" Season 5 is already finished filming scenes for the upcoming season of the History Channel drama. The conclusion of the production stage of the show has made a lot of fans wonder about the show's return on TV. When will Season 5 air?

Expect 'big news' on the show 'soon'

Production for "Vikings" Season 5 has already come to an end, actress Katheryn Winnick shared the good news on her Instagram page. The actress also shared a screenshot from one of her character Lagertha's scenes for the upcoming season of the History Channel series. Winnick teased fans that they should expect some "big news" about the show "soon," leading many to believe that the announcement will be about the show's air date or a possible release of a new trailer for the upcoming season.

Actor Clive Standen, who plays Rollo on "Vikings," recently told a fan on Twitter that the next season may be released on the small screens by the "end of the year." Standen, however, told viewers that this is not yet set in stone and viewers will have to wait for the official announcement on the show's release date from History Channel.

What to expect from Season 5

Winnick's tease led to speculations that this "big news" would revolve around the return of a cast member, particularly Travis Fimmel, whose character, Ragnar, died in Season 4. Many fans were having a hard time accepting Ragnar's death, especially since the first four seasons of the show featured him as the main character.

Fimmel, however, has made it clear that he will no longer be on "Vikings" Season 5, as Ragnar's time on the show has come to an end.

Variety has also reported that Fimmel will be taking on a new show on the same network and will be playing the role of Wyatt Earp, so it looks like Fimmel will not have any time on his hands to reprise his role as Ragnar. On the other hand, several fans hope that Fimmel would appear on the show in the form of flashbacks or as ghostly appearances in several episodes.

With Ragnar gone, there has been a lot of rumors and speculations with only a few facts known on what's to come on the fifth season of the show. A new character named Heahmund was already introduced by the end of Season 4 and more of his character will be unveiled by next season. Standen also told fans to expect a lot of "explosive" changes in his character, Rollo, in Season 5.

Ragnar's sons will also have to stand on their own now that their father is gone and another king will arise. On the other hand, many fans are fearing for Lagertha, as there have been reports that Winnick's character will be the next to die on the series.

What are the things you wish to see on "Vikings" Season 5?