The trailer for "Once Upon a Time" Season 7 has been revealed at the latest San Diego Comic Con. It showed Hook's (Collin O'Dodoghue) new job for the upcoming season. the trailer also hints that there are to be more new beginnings once the story unfolds for the series.

A New Beginning

Once the seventh season of "Once Upon a Time" comes in, fans will expect a new beginning for each of the characters. The trailer already hints that Hook, Regina (Lana Parilla) and Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) happen to be in different situations. It is indeed to be expected that there will be upcoming new adventures that these villains are to take on.

Hook is seen to be a police officer in the upcoming season and that means he is to have a different path in a totally new story that the series has. It also has been hinted that the seventh season is to take on the story of Cinderella. this means that the characters from the fairy tale will be seen in the series. This means that Cinderella's wicked family is to be featured in the story.

It can be recalled that the previous seasons had been about Snow White. By the end of the sixth season, Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Emilie De Ravin and Jared Gilmore all exited from the series. so that leaves the rest of the characters to remain. However, it is hinted that Emilie de Ravin is to reprise her role as Belle in episode four for Once Upon a Time Season 7.

There is also a possibility that she may be back for more in the series.

New Characters

"Once Upon a Time" Season 7 is to embark on a new story line. This means that there are new characters to be revealed in the series. there are already reports that Dania Ramirez will take on the role of Cinderella. In this case, Cinderella happens to be Lucy's mother and Henry's wife.

Gabrielle Anwar will also be part of the series as Cinderella's evil stepmother Lady Tremaine. Cinderella's wicked stepsister Drisella will be portrayed by Adelaide Kane. There are also recurring characters such as Alice in Wonderland who will be portrayed by Rose Reynolds and Mekia Fox who plays the role of Tiana.

Fans can expect a new path for the remaining characters as they embark in the fairy tale story as it unfolds for "Once Upon a Time" Season 7.

The latest trailer already gives fans a glimpse on how the story will run as the characters continue with each of their lives. Hook is hinted to be a new kind of hero in the upcoming season. The series is to return on Oct 6.