The characters of Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters have been revealed for "American Horror Story" Season 7. It is hinted that the upcoming season is a cult love story.

Characters revealed

In the recent San Diego Comic Con, the characters of Paulson and Peters have been revealed, and theirs is a love story for ages. Aside from the characters, the title of the season has also been revealed which is "American Horror Story: Cult." It was already reported that showrunner Ryan Murphy already shared that the seventh season will not be teased the same way as the sixth season had been.

It can be recalled that the final title and plot of the story had been revealed near to its air date. Several teaser posters were released before the big reveal. However, it has been different for the upcoming season. The revelations were done during the SDCC panel. In fact, a trailer was also shown during the event.

The story for the series in the upcoming season is set in Michigan and unfolds the story connected to the 2016 US Presidential elections. The trailer teases that clowns are willing to set one free and make one strong. Additionally, the trailer also revealed that the series would feature real life footage from the night of the election results. Meanwhile, the characters revealed for the upcoming season are Ally and Kai.

It is hinted that the couple will have an epic love story in this upcoming season.

New cast join the series

This is not the first time that Peters and Paulson have a love interest in the series. In fact, their characters were already loved interests in the previous season. It seems that the seventh season of American Horror Story will move on a different story line.

There are also other casts to join in the series. Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner and Cheyenne Jackson are to portray characters in the show. Additional casts to join are Allison Pill, Colton Haynes, and Lena Dunham. Murphy has hinted that all these actors are to make a cameo in "American Horror Story: Cult."

About Kai and ally’s characters, there is no definite plot yet as to where they fall on the political spectrum for the series.

Fans can expect more twists for "American Horror Story: Cult" just like the ones that were shown in the previous season. The characters are also to make the series more scary once it airs. It is going to be a different plot from the previous seasons of the series. The series will air on Sept. 5.