The search continues for the new Lestat de Lioncourt but it looks like Anne Rice already has her eyes on a possible Louis de Pointe du Lac for her upcoming "Vampire Chronicles" TV series. The "Interview with the Vampire" author has just confirmed that she is hoping "White Collar" star Matt Bomer will eventually play Claudia's beloved Louis in the show.

Although Anne Rice is already hoping Bomer will find the time to take on the role in the series, she also revealed that the "Magic Mike" star inspired a completely different character in her books.

It turns out that Reuben Golding from "The Wolf Gift" is based on the "American Horror Story" actor.

Matt Bomer as Louis in 'Vampire Chronicles'

Anne Rice recently took to her official Facebook fan page to congratulate Matt Bomer on the upcoming premiere of his new Amazon show "The Last Tycoon." Not surprisingly, the writer praised the actor, then went on to state that she was hoping Bomer will consider being a part of the series she is working on with son Christopher.

"I have hopes that maybe some day Matt will play a role in our 'Vampire Chronicles' series, the role of Louis --- or of Nicholas, if he is not available for the long haul," Rice wrote. The author even added that Bomer "epitomizes my Louis" in her novels.

Bomer might be the perfect Louis but the star of "The Normal Heart" was actually the inspiration behind another Anne Rice character. Reuben Golding, the werewolf hero in "The Wolf Gift" and "The Wolves of Midwinter," was actually written with the actor in mind.

Anne Rice might already have a perfect Louis in mind, but it looks like the author has not yet decided on an actor to play the Brat Prince. Luckily, fans were happy to help the writer out with several great options.

Who will play Lestat in 'Vampire Chronicles'?

Lestat is undoubtedly the heart and soul of "The Vampire Chronicles" so the casting of the Brat Prince is an important decision to make.

Rice had previously considered the possibility of getting "Arrow" star Stephen Amell to play the vampire but she is still keeping her options open.

Anne Rice recently asked her Facebook followers to pitch in their ideas of who should portray Lestat, as per Syfy Wire. Fans voted for actors like Nicholas Hoult, Evan Peters, Reeve Carney, and Jamie Campbell Bower, to name a few. Unfortunately, Rice has yet to decide on who will be the new Brat Prince.

Matt Bomer will play Monroe Stahr in "The Last Tycoon," which premieres on Amazon on July 28. "The Vampire Chronicles" has not yet started production.