Fans will need to wait several months before the premiere of "Vikings" Season 5. The show's air date has finally been announced at the San Diego Comic-Con and the cast of the History series has also unveiled a new official trailer.

The "Vikings" Season 5 SDCC trailer certainly confirms a major battle but the Northmen will not be fighting the Saxons for a change. Instead, Lagertha and Ubbe are set to face off against King Harald Finehair and Ivar The Boneless in a bloody civil war that could tear Kattegat apart.

'Vikings' at SDCC

The History show's SDCC panel was held on Friday and was attended by creator Michael Hirst as well as Katheryn Winnick, Alexander Ludwig and Gustav Skarsgard.

The regular convention line-up was joined by new cast member Alex Høgh Andersen, who portrays Ivar the Boneless in the series.

The panel was immediately followed by a jaw-dropping funeral at Marina Park Way where a replica of a long-ship was burned in honor of the show's fallen characters which included Ragnar Lothbrok. Interestingly, Travis Fimmel had an unofficial appearance at SDCC but fans were decidedly more interested in the new trailer that debuted at the event.

The 'Vikings' SDCC trailer promises bloodshed

The new teaser seen on YouTube certainly confirms that Ivar's recent murder of his brother Sigurd will not sit well with the other sons of Ragnar Lothbrok. The trailer features older brother Ubbe deciding to ally himself with Lagertha although the new Queen of Kattegat had killed their mother to gain power.

There is little doubt that "Vikings" Season 5 will have bloodshed but it looks like the casualties will be mostly Northmen. Does this mean that the Saxons will manage to defeat the Great Heathen Army and drive them back to Scandinavia?

There is a possibility that the mysterious Bishop Heahmund will team up with King Aethelwulf to win the battle against Ivar the Boneless. After all, it looks like Ragnar's crippled son will not have the support of Bjorn Ironside and Floki in the fifth season.

The 'Vikings' Season 5 air date

It will be a long wait but the return of "Vikings" will be worth it.

The show is expected to open with the aftermath of Ivar's murderous actions in England as well as Lagertha scheming to rid herself of King Harald for attempting to take Kattegat from her According to The Nerd Recites, the fifth season is set to premiere on History with a two-hour special on November 29.