Venus Williams was involved in a Car Crash on June 9. Passenger Jerome Barson was in the other car involved. He suffered serious injuries as a result, and days later, he passed away from his injuries. While Venus has not been formally charged, the police have stated that she is responsible. The investigation into the accident is ongoing, and now, Williams has been served with a wrongful death lawsuit.

A man has died as a result of the car crash

According to The Independent, the incident occurred in Florida near Williams' home on June 9. The tennis pro was crossing a junction when she collided with another car.

The passengers in the other car were Linda and Jerome Barson. Jerome Barson suffered injuries in the collision. In the wrongful death suit, a statement claims that Mr. Barson suffered internal bleeding, organ damage and a fractured spine in the crash.

Williams has been found to be the responsible party by the police. However, Michael Cunningham, who is Williams' attorney, said that police have stated that his client was only driving at 5 mph. Williams was driving to the intersection when the green light turned red and was stuck, blocking the way due to traffic. Witnesses at the scene have said that Venus Williams drove through a red light and is at fault. The police have confirmed that neither driver was drinking or on drugs.

Williams was not injured in the accident.

The wrongful death lawsuit against Williams

The wrongful death lawsuit was filed by the daughter of Linda and Jerome Barson, Audrey Gassner-Dunayer. She believes that Williams is responsible for the accident, though Williams has not been formally charged. The Barson family seek compensation from Williams for damages.

Mr. Barson held on for a few days after the accident before passing.

Williams released a statement on social media. In it, she expressed her feeling about the accident and told fans that she is extremely sorry for what happened. She expressed her condolences to the Barson family, and she also said that she keeps them in her thoughts and her prayers.

The star is heartbroken over the incident and the subsequent death of father and husband Jerome Barson.

There has been no further statement from either Williams or the Barson family. Williams' attorney has told the press that he will not be making any further comments on the case. Police have not yet charged either of the parties involved.