Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have reportedly been dating since 2013. However, when the pair both denied the rumored romance fans were immensely confused. Due to the history of the couple and the nature of their interactions in the past, one can easily assume that they have been trying to keep their relationship on the down low. Recently, it seems that the couple is willing to be more open about their secretive romance.

They were spotted together in Los Angeles

According to E! News, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were spotted together enjoying a romantic rendezvous in LA.

As mentioned, the pair has reportedly been in a relationship since 2013. Back when the Rumors first began, their representatives tore down the rumors stating they were untrue. However, the couple has been spotted together on numerous occasions over the years and appear to be done hiding their romance.

Holmes and Foxx recently spent a few days together in Paris. The two celebrities spent most of their time in their hotel, making sure not to enter together. However, they were spotted enjoying a romantic meal together.

The pair has also been seen dancing together on stage at the Hamptons Benefit during an event of the 4th Annual Apollo. For Holme's birthday, the pair reportedly flew to Mexico on a private jet.

Jamie Foxx has also spent $35,000 on Katie Holmes. According to the New York Magazine, their stay at the hotel was very private. They were separated from other guests and asked for everything to be kept discreet. The couple clearly wanted to keep their relationship out of the limelight for as long as they possibly could.

It has been 5 years since Katie's divorce

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were spotted together in LA on the 5 year anniversary of Katie's divorce to Tom Cruise. Holmes and Cruise were married for 6 years and have a daughter together. Their daughter Suri lives with her mother but recent reports have emerged stating that Cruise is intending on fighting for custody.

Their marriage ended on a sour note as Holmes feared losing her daughter to Scientology.

There are hard feelings between the former married couple. Holmes claimed that Cruise was never around for their daughter. A resentment grew between the pair and one has to wonder where Foxx fits into the situation. While there is no comment from Holmes and Foxx as to whether or not they are a couple one has to wonder if this will affect the couple's relationship.