Venus Williams was believed to be involved in a recent car crash which left a 78-year old man dead on Thursday. The report was confirmed by E! News and it was believed that the car collision happened at the Palm Beach Gardens in Florida, on June 9. The dead man was identified as Jerome Barson who died two weeks later after being brought at the ICU due to a severe head trauma.

It was also known that Barson's wife also suffered from a broken bone and other injury since she was situated behind the wheel. Meanwhile, Williams' attorney has denied the accusations that she was at fault during the Accident.

However, in a police report, it was revealed that she had run a red light.

Williams was at fault

Malcolm Cunningham, Williams' defense attorney, stated that the Tennis player has entered the intersection line on a green light. However, their claims were contrary to the recent police report that has been issued. It was also estimated that Williams was traveling at 5 miles per hour when the other car crashed directly into her.

However, despite the incident, the authorities have not issued any traffic violations to the former tennis superstar. Meanwhile, she also expressed her sympathies to the families of the victims during the accident. She also explained that she didn't see Barson's car during the time she crossed down the lane.

On the other hand, Barson's family attorney did not return during the call for comment.

Intense grief

Amid the car crash which killed Mr. Barson, his wife revealed that right now she is suffering from an intense grief. She further revealed that she didn't know how to go on with her life. Michael Steinger, Barson's attorney, shared that her husband for 35 years was struck by Williams who was really at fault during the said accident.

It was also believed that Mr. Barson was confined in the hospital for 14 days. He underwent major surgeries which resulted to his untimely death. Meanwhile, Barson's wife was also brought in the hospital in order to survive. With all these claims provided by Attorney Steinger, it seems that Williams has to pay the price of the accident.

Meanwhile, Williams' attorney also defended that the incident was an unfortunate event and that no one has to be blamed. They also insisted that no violations were issued by the authorities to the tennis superstar. However, a report from E! News also confirmed that some of the witnesses claimed that Williams ran at a red light during that night. Meanwhile, the authorities are yet to conduct more investigations about it.