On Monday and Tuesday, July 3rd and 4th, "General Hospital" will not air on ABC. The daytime drama will be on hiatus because of Independence Day but will return on Wednesday. Spoiler alerts indicate that the rest of the week will bring change for a number of Port Charles residents.

Wednesday spoilers

On Wednesday's episode of "GH," Curtis and Nina are going to reconcile and Sam Morgan's health will begin to be a problem. Sam has been having mood swings and hallucinations. She is angry because Jason was grazed on the arm by a bullet while trying to protect Sonny and Carly.

Earlier spoiler alerts indicated that Sam has a brain tumor and that she is going to shoot Sonny. Also on Wednesday, Sonny is going to share details of a plan with Jason, Nina will receive a phone call from her spouse Valentin, and Andre will seek comfort from Anna.

Thursday's preview

Spoilers indicate that on Thursday Jordan is going to make some type of sacrifice because of a medical emergency. There has been no clue as to who is involved or what the medical issue will be. Jason somehow will be misled by Sam and Olivia is going to misinterpret a situation. Last week Oliva was at the Quartermaine mansion trying on her wedding dress and was about to get ready for her bachelorette party. Considering her high-strung temperament Olivia will probably become overly emotional due to the upcoming nuptials.

Friday's cliffhanger

On Friday's episode, there will probably be the typical cliffhanger on "General Hospital" -- a situation that keeps you on the edge of your seat but makes you wait until Monday to see the resolution. Carly is going to lay down the law to Josslyn, who is a ball of nerves. Joss is angry because her mom is getting back with Sonny and the teen will probably act out in some way that upsets her mother.

Spoilers say that Monica is going to save the day, but now how. Last week the chief of staff was working with Curtis, Kiki, Finn, Hayden, and Jordan to obtain proof that Dr. Obretch was tampering with Dr. Finn's urine tests. Her heroism will most likely be what helps prove Dr. Fin's innocence. Also on Friday, Nina is going to consider that there is more to the situation involving Valentin.

The full truth of his dealings with the WB, the Chimera, and Helena Cassadine has not been revealed yet. Nina is looking for closure and perhaps she will get it. It looks like many Port Charles residents will deal with change.