On Monday, Venus Williams had her post-match press conference in Wimbledon and she broke down in tears when asked about the Car Crash incident which involved her killing a 78-year old man. During the press conference, the tennis superstar was asked about her feelings regarding the incident.

Williams was emotional and she said that she has no words regarding what happened. She felt devastated and completely speechless during the interview. During the post-match conference, Williams didn't hold her emotions and eventually she left the room in Wimbledon.

First-round victory

Amid the car accident which had involved Williams, the tennis superstar had her first-round of victory in Wimbledon and it was her first match following the incident which happened in Florida. A series of questions were raised during the press conference about the lawsuit that she currently faced.

Williams was overcame with her emotions and she even requested the moderator of the press conference to refrain the numbers of journalists from asking certain questions. A report from The Guardian has further confirmed that the seven-times major tennis champion broke down in tears and was gathered by her members along the hallway.

After several minutes, she returned back to the conference room and answered five more questions from the journalists.

Some of the questions asked were made related to the game she played against the Belgium's Elise Mertens in order let her emotion subside.

Opening service game

Despite the lawsuit that Williams has been involved with, she still managed to break the Mertens during the opening service game. The 37-year old tennis player just made her best opening during her game in Wimbledon.

Meanwhile, the Mertens also overcame the service made by Williams and even challenged the tennis professional with some ground strokes in the court.

During the first set of the game, Williams and Mertens had a tie-break. However, during the second set, the Mertens surrendered their service. The game was also interrupted by the rain and it made the 21-year old player earned 40-40 in the second set.

Police investigation

During the post-match conference, Williams revealed that she told the police investigators that she entered the six-lane intersection while the green light was on. She further explained that she was forced to stop driving because of the traffic that was ahead of her. In line with her lawsuit, William made her first Facebook post as she wrote, "heartbroken."