On Saturday, Meghan Trainor and daryl sabara marked their first year of being together and celebrated the milestone of their relationship on their separate Instagram post. Both had dedicated sweet messages to each other. It just goes to show that both adore and love each other so dearly.

On her post, Trainor wrote on Instagram that she feels to be the luckiest girl in the world for having shared her relationship with Sabara. She has posted a mashup video of all their photos together for the past year. She also thanked her boyfriend for all the love he has shown and for making her feel the most beautiful woman of his life.

As she ended her message, Trainor further thanked her boyfriend for making her a better songwriter today than she was before. She even added that she had never been felt so sexy with other guys before not until she met Sabara.

Sabara is poetic about his love

Daryl Sabara, the former "Spy Kids" star, also took to Instagram and shared a sweet and loving message to Trainor.

A report from People shared that the Sabara couldn't help but expressed his poetic side to his girlfriend. On his message, he expressed that from the day they met, he has been amazed by all the things that Trainor did.

Further, Sabara also considered Trainor as one of the best persons he has ever known. He even felt so lucky knowing that she is not only a lover to him but also a best friend at the same time.

As he ended his message to Trainor, the 25-year old star professed his promise that he is going to love her forever and always.

He also thanked Trainor for the amazing year that they had been together and considered her as his world. Without a doubt, Sabara adores the "All about that Bass" singer very much!

Forever in love

To recall, the couple first revealed their relationship in public back in October 2016.

Both were introduced by their mutual friend named Chloe Grace Moretz. Trainor also once shared that she asked her friend once to find her someone she can date with.

On the other hand, Trainor has also told her other friend last fall that she has been looking for someone to love. Fortunately, she told the young singer that she knew someone who is the nicest guy in the world and that was Sabara. Since then, both had met each other and eventually, they developed their relationship into a deeper level.

The sweetness of the couple is no longer new to their fans. However, everyone was in awe after they read the sweet messages that both had for each other. Most of their fans are looking forward to the countless years that the couple will share together.

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