Despacito artists are known recently for applauding other people on covering their hit song. However, on Monday, the artists expressed their displease after learning that the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro used an altered version of “Despacito” to campaign an upcoming referendum that could potentially destroy the remaining beacons of democracy in the South American nation.

What the artists got to say

Luis Fonsi posted his statement regarding the matter to his Instagram account. He said that his music is meant for the people who want to listen and have fun with it.

He also explains that it's not intended to be used for propaganda that aims to influence the will of people who are craving for independence and a better life.

Daddy Yankee, the other artist behind the song, also expressed his disapproval of Maduro’s version. He stated that he was shocked that someone like Maduro would use their song for his marketing plan. Like Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee also released his statement on his own Instagram account on Monday. He said that Maduro’s dictatorial regime is not only an insult for the Venezuelan but the whole world. His post was accompanied by a thumbnail picture of the Venezuelan President with a large, red, cross all over it.

The version of “Despacito” that was created by Maduro debuted during a rally on Sunday to garner the July 30 vote.

The beats and rhythm of the song are fairly similar to the original “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. However, the lyrics were replaced to fit its purpose for the campaign.

The Venezuelan President wasn’t the first one to use the big hit song for a political campaign. Several other Venezuelan politicians have used it already during their campaign.

Some oppositions even used it against the Venezuelan President’s referendum. And to these, Fonsi and Daddy Yankee have not expressed their objection.

Trump’s statement

The United States of America’s President Donald Trump has said in one of his statements that Maduro dreams to become a dictator.

Trump said that if Maduro continues with the vote, he would be forced to act upon it accordingly.

However, Maduro said that whatever Trump does or say, he is going to the vote.

The nation of Venezuela as of now is suffering from a severe humanitarian crisis due to economic problems for several years. The food and medicinal shortage are currently one of the biggest problems of its citizens.