Experiment 101 released a new 11-minute gameplay video of their upcoming open-world roleplaying game “Biomutant” in Gamescom 2017. The footage showcases a hefty amount of open-world post-apocalyptic awesomeness.

Biomutant Gameplay

Upon watching the footage, it is clear that Experiment 101 is going for a Metroidvania and Zelda feel to Biomutant’s level design. The game gives the players the freedom to go wherever they want. However, they have to overcome challenges first should they desire to reach new places.

For instance, there’s a dead zone that has a limited oxygen supply.

The area is a hazardous place for the players unless they find a gas mask or a mechanical suit in order to survive.

One of the unique features of the game is the Mutation. This feature allows the players to customize their character’s appearance, gender and even height and weight. The choices the players make in this specific feature are not purely cosmetic based because they also affect the overall performance of their character.

Defeating enemies in the game allows the players to mutate their character. Upon killing enemies, they gather Biopoints which they can spend on mutations that can affect everything, from abilities to reach new areas, to combat efficiency. For instance, getting the ability to summon a mushroom can allow them to use it as a makeshift trampoline to jump to new areas that can’t be accessed on foot.

Regarding the plot, it appears that the game will not have a linear story. Taking inspiration from recent open-world roleplaying games, players can discover more about the world through exploration. The game also has a karma system which allows the players to gain righteous and anti-hero points. This system will have dire repercussions in the quests the players can get and their reputation among the non-player characters.

It is planned to have branching story lines where the players’ decisions will impact the development of the main plot. You can watch the gameplay below.

More information about the game

Biomutant” is an upcoming open-world action-roleplaying video game from the Swedish developer Experiment 101 and publisher THQ Nordic. On August 19, 2017, before its official announcement, the German gaming magazine GamesMarkt called “Biomutant” a “post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable.” According to Experiment 101’s head of studio Stefan Ljungqvist, the game is already complete in terms of content.

He also added that one of the most difficult things is balancing the combat system in order to combine shooting, melee, and abilities in a quite intuitive way.

Biomutant” is scheduled to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2018.