Famous singer Justin Bieber announced last Monday, July 24, 2017, the cancellation of the remainder of his "Purpose" tour. The singer simply stated the reason for such cancellation was due to "unforeseen circumstances." What could this possibly mean?

The real reason why he canceled

According to an interview conducted by People, Insiders of the Bieber camp assures that the young singer is doing well and the reason for canceling the remainder of the tour is because Justin's been exhausted. With his busy schedule and travels, this could not be truer.

But could this be the only reason? Speculations have also emerged regarding Bieber's further pursuit of his "faith" and self-reflection. With everything that's been linked on the superstar, one cannot deny that this could be a good thing.

Fans' reactions

Although a lot of his fans have been disappointed as some had already purchased the tickets, some still wish that the singer is in good health and still supports him. Fans affected, particularly in Asia, have posted on social media mixed emotions on the matter, and as a response, Bieber tells them how sorry he is and still loves them. He assures fans that tickets purchased will be refunded accordingly in his recent Instagram post.

Other artists' reactions

With the recent announcement, some artists came to Bieber's rescue by saying that this is not a joke and the young singer's health could truly be at risk. In a recent tweet, famous singer and song writer John Mayer, tells that if Justin pushes through with the remaining dates of the tour, his health could be possibly damaged.

He also stated that with the recent deaths of so many great artists, he gives Justin a thumbs up for calling it.

The impact

Shows affected included Dallas, LA, New York, Boston, Toronto, Japan, Singapore and Philippines. Despite this, devoted fans still love the young singer and wishes him all the good in the world. It is a good thing as well that the singer decided to take some time off and think about his faith and other reflections.

Just recently, the singer had been named a persona non grata by China and it could affect his career. No matter, a source clarifies People that Justin likes being on tour however it just takes a toll on his health. Further, the singer has been also spending some time with his church mates and slowly delving into his spiritual health. Well no matter, John Mayer is right. We have lost too many great artists and we only want that Justin takes all the time to heal.