If Netflix is one of your favorite ways to avoid the August heat, we have good news that some exciting titles are on the way to your streaming service. Netflix’s original series “The Defenders” and “Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later” will be available this August, and if you have plans to watch some films, you may watch “Sleepy Hollow,” “Innerspace” and “A Cinderella Story.”


If you love science fiction movies, “Innerspace” is coming to Netflix this August. Released in 1987, “Innerspace” is produced by Michael Finnell and directed by Joe Dante.

In January 2017, the director told Den of Geek that the ad campaigns for the film were quite odd, but they could not figure out something better. The film features special effects by Rob Bottin, which might help give you an idea of what you're in for. The story is inspired by the 1966 movie “Fantastic Voyage,” and Dennis Quaid, Meg Ryan, Robert Picardo, Kevin McCarthy and Martin Short are the leading characters. The film grossed over $23 million domestically and won two Oscars.

‘Sleepy Hollow’

“Sleepy Hollow” is directed by Tim Burton, based on a novel of the same name by Washington Irving. It features Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Miranda Richardson, Casper Van Dien, Jeffrey Jones, and Michael Gambon in the leads.

In 2004, Deadline reported that the town of “Sleepy Hollow” was established around a small duck of pond, and it cost Paramount Pictures more than $1.2 million.

‘A Cinderella Story’

Released in 2004, “A Cinderella Story” is directed by Mark Rosman and scripted by Leigh Dunlap. According to TV Tropes, the Cinderella story was told in an interesting way.

The film stars Hilary Duff, Jennifer Coolidge, Regina King, and Chad Michael Murray. It’s been over a decade since Chad Michael Murray stole our hearts when he played high school student and Prince Charming Austin Ames in "A Cinderella Story" alongside Hilary Duff.

On June 27, US Magazine reported that the "One Tree Hill" actor slipped into his "Prince Charming" costume he famously wore to the Halloween homecoming dance.

"A Cinderella Story" brought in $20 million and spawned four sequels. Erica Hubbard, Kady Cole, Mary Pat Gleason, Paul Rodriguez, Lin Shaye, and Kevin Kilner play the supporting characters in this movie.

The streaming service will reportedly debut some high-profile series next month, such as "The Defenders" and "Atypical."