Capcom recently confirmed that all quests in the highly anticipated “Monster Hunter: World” can be played in single-player mode.

Monster Hunter: World” producer Ryozo Tsujimoto stated in an interview with GameInformer that their team has finally brought down the wall that separates the single-player and multiplayer quests. In the upcoming game, the players can do everything alone and call on other people for help should they need some assistance. They can use SOS flare to call for help from their friends, or anyone present in the server.

Seamless transition between multiplayer and single-player

Back in the previous "Monster Hunter" games, the quests were divided between single-player mode and multiplayer mode. While soloing, the multiplayer quests were possible but it was recommended to tackle these quests with a party of two or more players. This will be addressed in the upcoming game by scaling the difficulty of the missions depending on the number of players involved.

Capcom stated that this design is meant to give the players the freedom as to how they want to play the game. Tsujimoto said that should the players want to play as a lone hunter, they can totally do it and just basically enjoy the story by themselves.

Addressing the difficulty of ‘Monster Hunter: World’

During the interview, Tsujimoto also addressed the concern among the fans regarding the difficulty of “Monster Hunter: World.” The series had developed its reputation for having a punishing difficulty that is often compared to the popular “Dark Souls” series. The hardcore fans, upon hearing Capcom’s decision to make the game more accessible, were worried that it might affect the challenging nature of the series.

Tsujimoto addressed the concern by assuring the fans that the game will be enjoyable no matter what their skill level is.

Tsujimoto said that Capcom wants to ease the steps of learning the game and allow gradual improvement. Some players of the previous games had difficulty in getting past the steep learning curve before actually enjoying the rest of the content.

This time, they plan to create an action experience that will allow players to gradually learn the game, like learning how to hunt and how to use different weapons to hunt different monsters in the game.

Monster Hunter: World” is set to release in early 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the Windows PC version coming later. You can watch the trailer below.