The famous Japanese figure-makers, Gecco, just revealed their next high-quality statue from the highly-praised Souls series. The character is none other than the fan favorite Oscar, Knight of Astora.

The incandescent Oscar, Knight of Astora statue

The 1/6 scale Statue is an amazingly detailed version Oscar, Knight of Astora in his iconic Elite Knight armor set. Approximately 32cm tall, the statue will cost 36,800 Japanese Yen or $0.34. Gecco currently plans to release the statue around December 2017 in Japan. For those of you who don’t know, Oscar, Knight of Astora is the character you meet in the "Undead Asylum" in the beginning of the game.

After rescuing your character from imprisonment, you later find him dying. During his last breath, he asks you to listen to his tale about the fate of the undead and the Bell of Awakening. After hearing his tale, he gives you the Estus Flask and the Undead Asylum key. You can see the statue below.

If you preorder the Oscar figurine, you will also receive an adorable high quality 1/6 scale Crystal Lizard statuette. In “Dark Souls,” Crystal Lizards are tiny, evasive creatures that drop valuable crafting materials that allow the players to upgrade their weapons and armor.

Gecco’s series of Dark Souls statues

The soon to be released statue is a part of Gecco’s currently ongoing series of “dark souls” figurines. Prior to Oscar, they already released figurines of popular Souls characters Siegmeyer of Catarina and Soul of Cinder.

Sigmeyer, (also hilariously called the “Onion Knight” by the Souls community due to the shape of his armor) is a kind-hearted character you meet in “Dark Souls 3.” His story revolves around you helping him fulfill a promise to his friend. You can see the statue below.

Soul of Cinder is the final boss of “Dark Souls 3.” This entity is an amalgamation of the previous Lords of Cinder that linked the First Flame which includes Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight, Solaire of Astora, the Chosen Undead, and the Bearer of the Curse.

Harnessing the powers of previous Lords of Cinders, he can use combined abilities, weapons, and magic, making him a formidable foe. His sole purpose is to defend the first flame from the Ashen One. You can see the statue below.

Souls” is a series of third-person action role-playing games from the developers FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco. At this time there is still no announcement regarding whether the studio is planning to create a fourth installment in the critically acclaimed series.