Are you cute and fluffy? A little dog or kitten perhaps? Looking for a job with benefits such as cuddle with the President and exclusive access to the White House? Well, in that case, I regret to inform you that there are unfortunately no vacancies for you in the White House. And yes, I know that there have always been openings for such fluffy guys as you but this is just part and package of Donald Trump becoming President. Donald and Melania Trump have no current plans of adding a furry friend to their household. This despite a rich history of pets in the White House.

History of White House pets

Almost every American President you can think about has had some or other type of pet. Roosevelt had that adorable terrier, Fala. George H.W. Bush had an English springer spaniel, Millie to warm his feet at night. Even the Obama's had a dog to keep them company, a Portuguese water dog by the name of Bo. Other first kids had cats, ponies, birds, hamsters and almost every other creature you can think of. In fact, some Presidents, from way back even had more exotic pets. President Martin van Buren had tigers and President John Quincy Adams had an alligator. (Fortunately these, they kept in zoos rather than the actual White House. The current President, Donald Trump, however, seems a bit slow on the uptake.

What do the Trumps say?

At present, the Trumps don't have any pets. And it doesn't seem as though they are in any rush to get pets either. Melania Trump's spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham said that Trumps "are still getting settled" and that they "don't have any plans for pets at the moment." Which is understandable. A move into the White House is a big enough adjustment without throwing crying puppies into the equation too, I suppose.

However, does this mean they'll never consider pets? At this point, no one is really sure.

Vice President, Mike Pence, however, is certainly not lacking in the pets' department. The Pences currently have a rabbit called Marlon Bundo as well as a cat named Pickles. They have also, just recently, added a puppy named Harley and another cat called Hazel to their family.

A pet for the President, is of course, not really a matter of pressing urgency. However, it would be good to carry on this White House tradition of furry friends. A few videos of Trump throwing a ball for his dog could certainly nothing but good for his image, after all. And it would be rather fun to watch how the Trumps act around a furry dog or cat.