A day before the San Diego Comic Con panel for the new superhero series "Defenders," Jon Bernthal, who plays the "Punisher" in Netflix' "Daredevil" showed up to promote his upcoming series. He gave fans a major surprise by showing an exclusive look at the footage of the spin-off series.

'The Defenders'

After a new promotional trailer for the superhero mash-up series "Defenders" dropped, featuring Stan Lee delivering an inspiring monolog about the principal characters of the series, the real standout star got only two seconds of screen time in the trailer.

"The Punisher," also known as the legendary anti-hero character, showed up with his iconic white skull body armor and said, "looks like I got here just in time."

Although the full trailer during the San Diego Comic Con is still not available yet, here is a quick summary of what happened in the clip:

"The Punisher" was first seen playing the guitar with his daughter. After some moments, he was seen playing the guitar alone. He was also seen in a corner, looking troubled because of the loss of his family.

The next scenes show "The Punisher" with his signature: Punishing. He takes out motorcyclists in Alabama by running them over using his car. He also killed a man by an impressive, long range sniper shot from a perch in El Paso, Texas.

This man is romantically engaged with a woman from Mexico. The last scene shows "The Punisher" strangling a man in one of JFK airport's bathroom.

To explore his backstory

"The Punisher" is one of the few characters in the Marvel Universe whose service in the military is important for his identity. Not only does is add weight to his backstory, but it also explains the reason why he is good with firearms.

The military is a defining feature of who "The Punisher" really is.

According to rumors, "The Punisher" TV series will explore more about Frank Castle's back story. As a former Force Reconnaissance Marine and as a veteran of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, Castle will take vengeance for the murder of his family. He will act as a jury, a judge, and executioner of the law.

Other than Castle, another military veteran will be featured in "The Punisher," along with the antagonist, Billy Russo, who is best known as the villain "Jigsaw." After being friends during their time in the Marines, Jigsaw and the Punisher became mortal enemies after Jigsaw played a big role in the death of Castle's family.

Production for “The Punisher” has already started, and the series is expected to hit the small screens before the year ends.