The next "James Bond" film has finally been confirmed and is slated to be released in November 2019. Basically, it will be recorded as the 25th movie in the famous franchise. It has been officially announced on Monday by the MGM and EON productions that the next installment of the film will finally hit the US theaters on 2019. However, it was not revealed yet as to who will play the next "Mr. 007."

Movie details

As per Entertainment Tonight, it was reported that "James Bond" 25th installment will be penned by Robert Wade and Neal Puris. To recall, both writers also worked together previously with "Casino Royale" and "Skyfall." As of now, the director and the cast members were not announced yet.

Nevertheless, it is believed that further details of the upcoming movie will be revealed anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the official announcement has also left fans questioning as to who will play the next "James Bond." Further, it was not also confirmed yet whether Daniel Craig will return to the movie. However, Idris Elba is already in talks for the 25th installment. He also once told "Good Morning America" that if he'll be back on the film, then most probably it will be the best of his luck.

As the rumored casting continued, Elba also revealed that he is already too old for the character role and perhaps, he can no longer run with cars together with the ladies and the martinis.

The next '007'

Amid the announcement, the next "Mr. 007" has not been identified yet. To recall, Craig once revealed in his interview that he would no longer return in the movie. He also added that making his return for "James Bond" 25th installment will only make him after of the money. However, it was also reported that the 49-year old actor has reconsidered about his role as "James Bond."

It was also reported that he would like to team up again with movie producer Barbara Brocolli while at the same time, they will also try to bring back Adele on the film.

Another source has told New York Daily that Craig and Adele are apparently the winning team up for the upcoming project. Meanwhile, another report from Entertainment Tonight has previously shared that Priyanka Chopra also wanted to be the next "007." However, the actress is yet to give confirmation about the news.

In line with this, it is believed that the entire production will carefully pick for the right actor who will portray the most significant role as spy. Some other celebrities like Charlize Theron were among the choices; however, she added that she felt flattered yet she is still focusing on her latest film.