Evelyn Lozada has wowed her fans after letting everyone know that she is finally making up with her best friend, Jennifer Williams, following their long-time feud. On the recent episode of "Basketball Wives," viewers were left in awe when they finally saw Lozada and Williams fixing out their past issues. As per a report from Entertainment Tonight, it was about five years since the former best friends had chosen to stay away from each other.

However, it is good to know that both already decided to hash out their differences and to say sorry for what had happened between the two of them.

Both of them will now return to "Basketball Wives, " and both were seen on their happy tears during the past episode.

Heart to heart moment

It has been reported that Shaunie O'Neal, the series creator, has been the person who's behind the heart to heart moment of Lozada and Williams. O'Neal had these two ladies met on a beautiful beach, and both had an emotional exchange of conversations with each other.

Apparently, fans were happy after they learned about the news. This means to say that Lozada and Williams will now be working again together on the TV series. When both had separated their friendship, everyone from the show was saddened including their fans. Nevertheless, their intimate conversation along the beach has helped each other fixed on their issues and differences.

Mending on their friendship

On the recent report from E! News, it was reported that Lozada and Williams would try to do their best to bring back 100% of their friendship that was lost due to their feud. Meanwhile, Lozada also admitted that she felt sad when both of them ended their friendship back then. She also revealed that there were times when she asked about what went wrong with their relationship.

Nevertheless, it is safe to say that both are now on their way to mending their lost friendship.

Williams was also seen emotional as tears rolled down on her cheeks. She added that she appreciated all the kind words and flowers she got from her best friend. As they ended their conversation, the best of friends cried and hugged each other so tight.

Meanwhile, in line with the news, Lozada will try to show all her fans that anyone can choose to become a better person.

As the "Basketball Wives" continued to air, viewers will always look forward to seeing these original stars together on screen. Both also revealed that it was not easy for them to reunite since they didn't have the idea on why they both stopped talking to each other back then.