The English Actor Roger Moore, who has been known for playing the role of James Bond for seven films, has died at the age of 89. The actor has been known battling cancer for several years. His death was confirmed by his family over a social media post. Moore usually played the famous spy role of James Bond films which includes "Live and Let Die" and "A View to a Kill."

Family confirmed news on Twitter

The official statement has been posted by his family to Twitter. In the statement, his children have thanked Moore for being the best he can be and for being so very special to lots of people.

Further, the statement also confirmed that the actor has died after his short but brave battle with cancer.

With the heaviest hearts, Moore's family has shared the sad news of their father's demise to all his fans and added that right now they are all devastated of what happened. To recall, Moore is usually a sweet and calm person. Thus, it is so easy for people to love his character.

Meanwhile, the veteran actor, who died in Switzerland, will have his private funeral in Monaco. It has been his last wish that he asked his children for. His children, Deborah, Geoffrey, and Christian, shared in their statement that his father was surrounded by them during his last days. All of them felt so great and no words can quantify how they felt.

Famous stars pay tribute to his death

Over the sudden news of Moore's death, some of the famous stars in the movie industry have paid tribute to the veteran actor. Russell Crowe has posted on his Twitter account by saying that he loved Roger Moore. Meanwhile, Michael Caine also shared his sympathy and added that he will be in tears if he'll be talking about the actor.

Oftentimes, Moore has been adored by his friends for being a perfect man. He was known to be funny, generous, kind, and beautiful. Apparently, his friends love him to the bones. Further, as his means of paying tribute, Duran Duran sang the Bond team song for the movie "A View to a Kill."

Meanwhile, Ewan McGregor, his fellow UNICEF Ambassador, has also shared his sympathy and tribute as he thanked his friend for his service to the children in need for 26 years long.

Moreover, in one of McGregor's statement, he added that the veteran actor has shown the world that anyone has the power to change the lives of these vulnerable children.

Further, Moore will always be remembered for being honored by the British Government in 1999 as the Commander of the British Empire.