Taylor Swift has been blamed for being too self-involved when it comes to her music career and her feminist rights. It looks like the pop star is a little too self-involved when it comes to supporting her fellow artists. The singer sometimes takes to social media to show support for other pop stars and up-and-coming singers. She even has given a shout out to rappers like Kendrick Lamar in the past. However, Taylor's way of paying a compliment to someone else is by talking about herself in the meantime. Some believe she's become too self-obsessed with herself and her image.

Taylor Swift promotes Lorde's new song in a cheesy way

The 26-year-old "Bad Blood" singer made a point of that when she applauded Lorde's new song "Green Light." According to a report via MTV, Taylor Swift's reaction to the single made her sound like someone's "cool mom." Lorde's new song is the first single off her upcoming sophomore album, "Melodrama." In a very melodramatic fashion, Swift told her legion of fans that she wants to do some interpretive dancing while listening to the song. She also included the acronyms "g2g" (got to go) and "brb" (be right back).

Taylor is not the only pop star who's excited for Lorde's return. She has gotten shout outs from Taylor's enemy Katy Perry, former 5H member Camila Cabello, and Halsey.

Fans pointed out that the country-turned pop star overdid it with the acronyms. Some fans believe that Taylor should have used her Instagram caption as a personal text instead. The caption does make the singer sound a little behind the times.

Singer drops hints on Instagram

Other fans think the singer has been dropping major hints on her Instagram account for months.

Everyone knows that she was born on Dec. 13, 1989 and her favorite number is 13. It's been in her Twitter handle. According to BuzzFeed, Swift has alluded to her favorite number on Instagram for several years, and no one has even noticed – until now.

The singer has used her social media account to promote other artists' work, especially her friends' new songs.

She often shares screenshots of what she's currently listening to. Fans didn't realize that the songs that Taylor shares are all at the same time. She has been stopping each song at the 13-second mark. So, is she really listening to the music? Or, is she dropping subtle clues on her Instagram account?

Taylor Swift is obsessed with the number 13

The BuzzFeed report also noted that "Fearless" and "1989" have 13 tracks. She even writes the number on her hands and on bandages whenever she's performing or rehearsing. There was one moment when Swift didn't pause at the 13-second mark in an Instagram shot for Troye Sivan's track "Wild." She paused it at the 51-second mark instead. Everything that the singer does is not without purpose. She is always planning something. Only time will tell if fans will find out the significance behind the number 51.