A new, amazing "Game of Thrones" theory has emerged. The theory has been presented by Reddit user byrd82, and then refined with the help of other fans. At first look, the idea appears to be risky, but it is supported by evidence from both the books and the show.

The 'Golden Hand' theory

Byrd82's post starts with analyzing a few Valyrian words. "Gold" and "hand" are translated as "aeksion" and "ondos". "Lord" and "light" are translated as "aeksio" and "onos". "Could a translation error have led to the erroneous creation of a religion?" wrote the Redditor.

Could the true savior be the "Gold hand"?

We are told more than once that these sort of mistranslations are totally possible (Maester Ameon is one of the characters who discuss the subject), so we cannot really say this kind of translation mistake is impossible.

Now, who could be this mysterious "Gold hand"?

Jaime Lannister could be Azor Ahai

It may look crazy that Jaime is actually Azor Ahai, but let's think about it. The Azor Ahai prophecy says that the hero "labored for 30 days and 30 nights until [the sword] was done", adding that when the hero tempered the blade in the water, the sword broke. This first part of the prophecy could be related to what happened to Jaime in the bath with Brienne.

He tempered himself in the water by telling the story of why he killed the Mad King. Jaime is broken just like the sword in the prophecy (and there are smoke and salts in the bath).

Byrd82 suggests that "forging a hero's sword is metaphorical for forging a hero's character". Interesting, don't you think? Keep in mind that Jaime could be the "Gold hand", or, in other words, the real savior.

The second part of the prophecy

In the second part of the Azor Ahai prophecy, "to temper it this time, he captured a lion and drove the sword into its heart, but once more the steel shattered". According to byrd82 Jaime's second attempt to shed the Kingslayer occurs when Tyrion his imprisoned in King's Landing. Jaime goes to him carrying the torch in the dungeon (possible Lightbringer reference), then he goes to his father, in a room full of lion imagery (since the lion is House Lannister's sigil).

Since Jaime allowed his brother imprisonment, Tyrion may be the "captured lion". In the books, Jaime breaks Tyrion's heart by telling him that he always knew that Tysha (a woman from Tyrion's past who was raped in front of Tyrion after a Tywin's order), wasn't a whore. Jaime knew that Tysha was Tyrion's wife.

In the show, Tywin is the lion and Tyrion is the one who drove a sword (well, a crossbow bolt) at his heart, as a result of Jaime's choices (Cersei once said to Jaime: "You killed [Tywin] by mistake with stupidity).

The third part

Now it's time to talk about Nissa Nissa, who is Azor Ahai's wife in the prophecy. During his third attempt to forge the blade, the hero drove his sword into Nissa Nissa's heart - her soul combining with the steel of the sword, creating Lightbringer.

Jaime and Cersei's relationship is so strong that it shaped Westeros' recent history, and lots of fans think that Jaime is going to murder Cersei after the massacre he arranged in King's Landing. The Valonqar prophecy also suggests that she will be killed by her "little brother" (Jaime was born shortly after his twin sister).

Lightbringer "won't be a sword itself", but the return of Jaime's sword hand ablaze", byrd82 wrote. At the end of his narrative arc, Jaime will embody the prophesized hero.

Jaime and the White Walkers

The Redditor also pointed out that Jaime always avoids conflict. If you consider that the White Walkers are capable of negotiation (we know that from the scene in which Craster offer his male child in return from peace with the White Walkers) it's possible that at a certain point Jaime will resolve the conflict through diplomacy.

Although we have no certainty about this, it's totally possible that Martin isn't going to end his books with a total annihilation of one of the part.

Other evidences

As another Redditor noted, there is an interesting passage in "A Sword of Storm" in which Jaime's sword hand is described as "flaming": "His hand burned [...] days after, he could still feel the fire lancing up his arm, and his fingers twisting in the flames, the fingers he no longer had".

The website "Game of Thrones & Norse Mythology" (a mythology Martin used) also pointed out that Jaime is the only possible candidate for Azor Ahai since he represents Tyr, the one-handed god of war, the champion of mankind.

The "bleeding red star" may be a reference to the Faith Militant's massacre (the red star is the Faith Militant's symbol). "Game of Thrones" season 7 will premiere this summer on July 16.