Many fans expected to dislike Matt Lucas in "Doctor Who" season 10. Nardole didn't initially appear to be likable, with his inferior view of pure humans. However, the character soon grew on the fans and by the end of it, he was one of the highlights of the season. Now the question is whether Nardole will return for season 11 of the show. This doesn't look likely, but it's worth remembering that there are lots of rumors right now.

Matt Lucas knows his fate on 'Doctor Who'

Before sharing the rumors, let's remember that Matt Lucas knows the fate of his character.

Before the season 10 finale, Lucas explained that he knows if his character is going to return or not, but he wasn't allowed to share the future. This doesn't mean he's definitely disappearing. The showrunners will want to keep the future of the series quiet as much as possible, especially since Steven Moffat is stepping down after eight years running the show.

It's not unusual for a new showrunner to want to take on new characters. When Moffat took over, fans didn't just say goodbye to David Tennant as The Doctor. They said goodbye to his companion Donna. Only Billie Piper returned for the 50th anniversary special, partially due to fans calling for such an important companion to come back. With Chris Chibnall taking over the reins, it wouldn't be surprising if all companions from Moffat's do not appear, especially the series regulars.

Chris Chibnall wants to make his mark

There are many rumors that the stars of the show aren't the only ones changing. The crew are also apparently stepping away from their roles because of the new showrunner. This may not be Chibnall's doing. After all, many of the people behind the scenes will have been there for a number of years and may want to move onto something new.

Some rumors state that the filming location of "Doctor Who" is changing. Chibnall is apparently moving the filming to Manchester from Cardiff, where it has been since season 1 of the New Who. This could be the reason for many of the crew to move on to different projects. They may not want to move from their Cardiff homes for the sake of work.

"Doctor Who" won't be the first or last show to lose people due to a change of filming location. "Supergirl" lost a couple of main players because the actors didn't want to move from Los Angeles to Vancouver.

"Doctor Who" season 11 doesn't have a premiere date just yet. Right now the focus is on the Christmas special 2017, which will see the regeneration of the new Doctor.