'The Young and the Restless' spoilers tease that Victor (Eric Braeden) may have had enough of Nick's (Joshua Morrow) meddling and plans to punish him by revealing little Christian's true paternity on the Hilary Hour. That seems an extreme punishment, but Victor has done terrible things to his children before when he was angry, and he has never been more hurt and angry than he is right now.

Victor reveals Adam is Christian's father on TV

This week's ''Y&R' spoilers promo video shows Victor going to Hilary (Mishael Morgan) and telling her he has a story that everyone will really want to hear.

Is Victor promoting Nikk's (Melody Thomas Scott) concert or is Victor about to punish his son Nick for standing against him? Victor has gone to great lengths to punish his kids and there is no telling what he's capable of doing when he's angry.

The Mustache pulled Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) out of the loony bin and sicked her on Adam (Justin Hartley). That put Adam in jail falsely for murder and, later, got him blown up, although no one thinks he's dead. Victor has no self-control when he wants to punish someone and right now, Nick is his target.

Nick sets Victor off when he tries to stop the concert Victor planned.

Nikki too sick to perform, sabotages the show

Some 'Young and the Restless' spoilers tease that Nick tells Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) that he has to find a way to stop the concert, but she warns him not to go too far. Nick isn't scared of Victor, but he should be.

Victor has enough dirt on both Nick and Chelsea to ruin their new romance and to humiliate Nick on Genoa City TV if he wants to. Is that what Victor has planned?

It's bad enough that Nick punched Victor in the face, but he's also taken Victor's grandchildren from him.

Victor's concert scheme was his last-ditch chance to win Nikki back and get the family back on his side starting with her. But Nick is ruining all of Victor's plans and he won't stand for it. Nick has no idea all the dirt Victor has to use against him.

Will Victor sink to a new low?

It was bad in 'Y&R' history when Victor had Victoria (Amelia Heinle) arrested on her wedding day, and it was terrible when he set Adam up to make it look like he killed Constance Bingham and even sent his son to jail. But, to expose Christian's paternity on Hilary's show would be low, even for Victor. Is that why Victor seeks Hilary out? It could be. It's hard to know when Victor is going to lash out.

However, Nick is pushing his father too far.

Victor can reveal that Christian isn't Nick's son and to make things worse, he can also tell Nick that Chelsea knew all along and has been lying to his face. That would ruin Nick's life. If Victor feels like Nick has ruined his chance to get back with Nikki, that's exactly what he might do. Of course, once he does that, Nikki really wouldn't take him back.

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