On "The Young ad the Restless," Devon and Hilary are divorced and both have moved on with other people. She is dating Jordan and he is seeing Mariah. Something is lacking, however, in these new relationships that is apparent whenever the Hamilton's are with each other. Sparks are flying between Devon and Hilary, and Mariah is beginning to take notice.

Where is the love between Mariah and Devon?

Monday was the start of the 4th of July festivities in Genoa City, and many residents were having fun in the sun. Hilary and Jordan ran into Mariah and Devon.

Everyone was in their swimsuit except Mariah who wore a coverup. She clearly was feeling out of place, and Hilary took note. Ms. Curtis snuggled up to Jordan, and Mariah got the desired look of envy from Devon. Later, on at least three occasions, Mariah was taking to Devon and she caught him looking at his ex-wife. His expression seemed to be saying, "I only have eyes for you."

Hilary and Jordan do have some chemistry when they are together, but Mariah and Devon have none. They have been trying to make their relationship work, but are coming up short. It seems at times as if Devon and Mariah are trying to force themselves to fit and it is not working. Mariah looked so disappointed as she watched Devon paying attention to his former wife.

Mariah's eyes convey that she realizes the writing is on the wall, there is no future in her relationship with Devon.

Are Hilary and Jordan playing each other?

Last week, Hilary invited Devon up to her room at the Athletic Club and they discussed the "Brash and Sassy" lawsuit. She told her former spouse that she would always care for him, and there was tenderness in her voice.

Viewers could see that "Hurricane Hilary" was having a mild moment, and seemed genuinely sincere.

On Monday, Hilary and Jordan are all over each other, even though viewers know that he has strong feelings for Lily. Jordan even tells Devon that he and Hilary know where they are going in their relationship, but do they? Devon seems conflicted between his commitment to Mariah and the sparks that are flying between him and his ex.

Their connection has been severed, but it is not completely broken. He is sitting with Mariah but continues to glance at the other couple.

They are laying it on a little thick, and Mr. Hamilton seems jealous. Fans of "The Young and the Restless" are wondering if Hilary and Jordan are playing each other and are just waiting for Devon and Lily to break off their current relationships.The entire situation is complicated, and Mariah is the only one not playing an angle. She is the one with the greatest chance to be heartbroken should Devon and Hilary reunite.