Central City is overflowing with meta-human villains once more. 'The Flash' cast is hard at work filming season 4, and that means the first premiere teasers are spilling out.

With Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) leading the charge, the STAR Labs team is picking up right where Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) left off. Even as the superhero brain trust turns pages in an effort to extricate the Scarlett Speedster from his Speed Force prison, he will have a host of fresh-faced villain to deal with. New behind-the-scenes photos recently gave fans a look at one such baddie.

The first 'Flash' battle

Kid Flash, Vibe (Carlos Valdes), and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) had their hands full Friday night as the streets of Vancouver morphed into Central City once more. In between posters decrying identity theft and echoing Mad-Eye Moody's call for constant vigilance, the first rogue of season 4 made an appearance. Peering out from a Kabuto, this samurai is a far cry from Super Friends' Toshio Eto. There's no olive branch in the offing, which means Cisco and Wally have their work cut out for them.

Not to worry, we're sure a well-timed combo of supersonic punches and carefully placed breaches will have this villain off the streets in no time.

After all, the episode will have to devote some time to probing the mysteries of extra-dimensional energy. Barry will be MIA for six months by the time season 4 begins, which means the STAR Labs team will have gone from Plan A to Z and back again.

At least we know we won't have to wait quite that long to see the Flash back in action.

According to Candice Patton's (Iris) Twitter, Gustin was on set for the first day of filming, stealing her puppy's affection as he did so.

"Zoë was madly in love w Grant today though," Patton commented sharing a pic of Lonsdale and the pup. "Made me a little jealous."

Next time on 'The Flash'

Dubbed 'The Flash Reborn', teasers for the opening episode give little away regarding the overarching theme for season 4 (aside from Barry's return, of course).

The title doesn't portend a particular story arc so mush as it tips its hat to comic book history. In other words, the reference to 'Flash Rebirth' will be brief – Barry Allen is coming home and Wally West is no longer the only game in town.

Meanwhile, viewers are gearing up for the introduction of the season's big bad. Referenced by Savitar and Abra Kadabra, DeVoe, aka "The Thinker," will make his debut this year. What he wants and how he'll go about getting it remains a mystery.

Find out more when 'The Flash' returns to The CW on Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. ET.