British band ColdPlay has captivated millions of music fans now for more than two decades, and countless numbers among those fans dream of being at a Coldplay concert in a moment of a lifetime. 29-year-old Rob was just such a fan in the crowd at the band's stop in Dublin along its Head Full of Dreams tour. The only thing to make him stand out, or miss out, is that he is in a wheelchair.

Many fans in wheelchairs pay VIP prices merely to ensure seeing at least a glimpse of their favorite artists, but from a level just 3 feet above the ground, a show can become one of "tears and cheers" for those fans.

They see only the backsides of fans standing in front of them rather than the energy onstage, and join in with the raucous, joyful cheers of participation, even though their view is obstructed. Rob was blessed to be part of a Coldplay concert crowd that was committed to giving him the ultimate experience.

The stage was calling

Any gathering of fans willing to hoist up a grown man, much less a grown man in his wheelchair, above their shoulders just to see the stage should be applauded for compassion. These Dublin fans really raised that bar. The venue at Croke Park was a packed sell-out, but that didn't stop exuberant and able-bodied arms, legs, shoulders from "surfing" Rob above the masses. Coldplay front man, Chris Martin, couldn't help but notice.

Chris Martin invited Rob to join him onstage, and the push to front and center was assisted by Martin himself, along with stagehands, moving speakers and monitors out of the way. Grabbing the sides of the wheelchair, Chris Martin gave the last pull to put Rob onstage, and what came next were golden moments of music and heart that will live on in the memories of everyone there.

The spirited lead singer was undeterred by a bottle-throwing incident the same night, hitting his head, so he may have sensed a higher purpose through the stadium.

A destined night in Dublin

Chris Martin offered a Gaelic greeting to fans, translating to "a hundred thousand welcomes," and confessed that he and Coldplay had “been away from Ireland and from Dublin for too long."

Rob and Chris Martin had a few private words and a warm embrace before Rob got introduced for his official duties.

The invited guest happened to have his harmonica, and Martin introduced the personal trainer as "training his job" for the evening. Right on cue, Chris Martin began a traditional song to fit the palpable "Claddagh" spirit of the heart held in joined hands. The front man took the first few opening lines, and Rob chimed in with fitting accompaniment. Though the two men had never met until this moment in the spotlight, they were in sync as though they had practiced for hours. Chris urged the fans to prove their reputation as the loudest in the world.

No matter the din surrounding Rob, he will always hear the special words shared with Chris Martin at this Coldplay show within his heart. He will remember the feel of all those shoulders bracing his wheelchair.

He will also be very glad that he remembered his harmonica.

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