"The Last Ship" is an American drama TV series. The series is based on the book of the same name by author William Brinkley. The series was adapted for TV by both Hank Steinberg and Steve Kane. "The Last Ship" follows the crew members of the US Navy Arleigh Burke after a global virus pandemic wiped out at least 80 percent of the world's population. The first season of the show aired back in 2014 and was immediately followed by the second season. When the third season of the series came to an end, a fourth season was announced. The trailer for the upcoming 4th season was screened at the San Diego Comic Convention.

Casting includes such actors as Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, and Adam Baldwin.

The trailer reveals what is in store for season 4

The crew is to face new challenges this season on "The Last Ship." The global virus commonly referred to as "The Red Flu" has mutated and this time it is attacking the food supplies. Executive Producer of the show Steven Kane announced that the virus is no longer just affecting human kind anymore. The virus has now jumped species and is causing a massive worldwide famine. According to Critical Hit, all the food reserves the remaining population need to survive are rapidly depleting.

According to the trailer, there are sources out there who claim to know how to fix this next stage of the virus.

However, they appear to be withholding this information. This prompts character Nathan James to set out on a mission to locate a seed that is supposedly immune to "The Red Flu." If he succeeds in his endeavor, he will have saved the surviving members of humanity from being wiped about by the virus.

A two-hour premiere

"The Last Ship" will be stepping things up in their fourth season of the show.

The exact nature of the apocalyptic world will be revealed in its true form as the food begins to be infected with the virus. Fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the series to see what will happen next. According to TV Live, the series will premiere with a two-hour long introduction of Season 4. This will develop the plot nicely and set up the story line for the rest of the season.

Show creators have teased that this season got some of its inspiration from one of the greatest sea stories to ever exist. They are referring to the story of 'The Odessey' and have stated that fans should be able to see where they have drawn inspiration from.

"The Last Ship" is due to return to the small screen on Sunday, August 20. Fans are excited about the direction that show runners have decided to take the show in.